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      August 2017
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    Adult toys and summer heat

    I’ve had my kids for a month

    There just isn’t enough room in the house for everyone long term

    The heat and humidity has been unbearable and I’ve had horrible insomnia

    Lately I haven’t been able to have sex or masturbate

    This usually doesn’t bother me as it’s my choice

    But with the heat… Omg NOOOOOOOOOOO sex is evil and I’m not going hunting for it and no privacy to invite someone over or touch myself

    But this morning I said enough is enough

    I decided to mix and match some toys

    While I like my Lelo, it’s not bad but not what I want ..  no I don’t know what I want

    Today I needed more

    I took a male toy and fit it to my female toy

    There are a number of reasons why I love the pussy sleeves with an opening on both sides

    Easy to clean

    Great for male solo masturbation… Especially in the shower

    Great for masturbating your partner and keeping him on the edge… Mainly because a guy generally comes more quickly than with a typical hand job

    Also fantastic for simulating deep throat or blow jobs if your guy is either too wide, too long or both

    Just pull it down over the cock and use your mouth on the part of the cock that is exposed and give a good hand job using the toy

    But I figured

    If the Tenga eggs can be reversed and put in the head of a vibrator for stimulation of males and females, thus turning the you into fun for anyone

    Why not the pussy sleeve

    So I put half in my pussy

    Inserted my toy into the rest and… Oh my that was nice

    There was fullness inside of me

    A slight vibration transfer as well and very smooth addition to the vibrations running on my clit

    I think a successful experiment

    #sinfulsunday pick a card

    so if Sinful Sunday is all about the image…

    then it is good that I am finding friends to inspire me with photo ideas

    click on the lips to see who else is participating

    Sinful Sunday

    today’s picture is brought to you by the theme of gaming

    a friend of mine, in another group, has chosen to start giving weekly challenges and some sort of prize for the most points at the end of the year

    this week could be phone games, video games on consoles or pc, board games or card games of various types

    TinMan has started to participate as well and I am thinking to “steal” his picture for the Sinful Sunday September prompt… blue… or inspire him to post it himself 😉

    but today I chose to be playful as usual

    a while back I bought two playing decks that have erotic art on them


    so going with the idea of “pick a card, any card” I decided that you first have to pick a deck

    I hope you enjoy my humor

    lots of love

    #sinfulsunday music time

    As always…. It’s Sunday! Go forth and be Sinful!! Failing that, come look at all the blogs participating in the fun and enjoy our pictures

    Click the lips, remember that sinful Sunday is all about the pictures

    Sinful Sunday

    So here’s mine

    Back story is that I’m often asking others for ideas to help me take pictures for my blog and sinful Sunday… Especially when there are the special challenges

    Often I end up doing it on my own

    But recently… Things have changed

    A group I’m in decided to post their own challenges because of my asking for advice and ideas

    So last time was the “picture of you wearing someone else’s hat

    This time it’s musical instruments

    Took some of TinMan as well but will post another day

    August = busy

    Gonna try to get back to posting pictures
    August has been very busy and a full house… So not likely to let up much

    Next week I’ll be without my two younger boys and will try to stock up on pictures I can share

    Maybe write a little as well

    Till then, here I am being silly in the park and trying to learn to juggle

    Hopefully it gets you giggling as much as it did for me

    E.B. Starpointer

    erotic author and sex-positive male commentator

    An Accident In Space And Time

    Just your average, friendly Vulcan

    Exposed Loving

    Be Love. Bring Love. LOVE.

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