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It’s all a blur

In a sort of dreamy mood

Most of my dreams are lucid and clear

In some ways… my dreams are like movies, having sharp details and unusual plot lines

Though I do have a number of dreams where everything is out of focus

This intense blur than flows over everything and everyone

I took a shower earlier and as is typical, I wandered around in just a towel…

I’m home alone and figured I’d play around with my camera… Ok my phone lol

I didn’t realize my pussy was showing so much in this picture and that helped inspire me to add layers of blur to shift out the details…

By pussy I mean one of the cats 

After all was said and done

The image reminds me of when I am just falling asleep and try to focus on an the likeness of someone that I’d enjoy dreaming about

There… but not in focus

Hope you enjoy the image

3 Responses

  1. Lovely

  2. You’ve got me dreaming, Goddess… great photo and post. All of my dreams [about your] are “lucid and clear” and “are like movies, having sharp details and unusual plot lines”. I too would be concerned if your “pussy was showing so much in this picture”, and by pussy I do NOT mean “one of the cats” and by “concerned” I mean hardly! I can’t get enough of your pussy, at least in my dreams and your photos, so far. Sigh…

    Take care Goddess, and keep those photos, with your pussy or not, coming…

    • “… [about you] … not YOUR, duh. Damn typos or thinkos!

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