Baby it’s… Hot… outside

Current temp is a humid 93°F or 34° but as always it feels hotter

Had to fill the lil pool to keep the kittens cool 

…and having fun

I decided that I wanted to get wet before taking a real shower

 Might as well profit 

And take pictures to share

Hope you are enjoying the weather in a safe and happy way

9 Responses

  1. I think you’re a water nymph

    • Water is my sign but a mutual friend seems to think I’m a few cause of the bugs haha

  2. I just saw this. The photo of you with the hose is extremely sexy and as soon as I saw it I felt a swelling.

    • She has that affect

  3. I confirm, it’s hot outside ! Stop teasing your neighbours ;D

    • Lmao they can’t see me from where I sit… Ok standing is a different story but they rarely are home when I take pics and are good country folk who need a bit of freak

  4. Keep that “kittie” cool! Looking good, girl!

  5. Beautifully teasing as always ❤

  6. Love them!! Stay cool 😊

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