stupid internet problems and dying computer

so life is happening

i’m still around but not posting or writing as my laptop is trying to die

my DSLR is dead

and my internet is trying to drive me nuts as we dont have dsl cables in the house i rent so i am forced with satelite and my kids can eat up my meter internet in 2 days!

granted i have free internet between midnight and 6am but fuck me i am too tired to stay up that late

been very busy, running around, doing stuff to try to better my life and making friends!

my birthday is at the end of the month

going out with my english friends tomorrow night to celebrate early

seems i have to dress up for halloween

so i’ll brave the cold and be a shoulder devil, my cosplay persona based on the web comic “the devils panties” by jennie breeden.. not satanic porn, sorry lol

will force the gals to get me pics i can post and share here as well as on facebook

seriously missing my sex life

i have none

stopped seeing TinMan and no sex friends

i’m a bit sexually starved and starting to need an outlet

i’ll try to write on paper and find a way to later transcribe but no way am i doing that on my phone.. too much effort

missing so much

but will try to get back into the swing of things

love you all



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