been away from the net & kittens

i have been away from posting for a bit

have not had the inspiration to write

no real sex life to speak of and few fantasies to write up

horror of horrors i have been less than vanilla for a while now

focusing on my photography, making friends, planning my future, finding a new rental to live in and kittens

i now have 4 kittens who are adorable and very mental

they have been keeping me busy and exhausted but i am enjoying it

currently have the two female kittens.. kurry and hermione turtle on my lap, having a minor kitten battle with each other and using me like a jungle gym

i have so many scratch marks and pin pricks all over

the other two are males, cinnamon snow and earl grey.. all are playful and growing fast

snow is the most cuddly, ending up down my shirt like a kangaroo baby in it’s mothers pouch

will be away from the net for most, if not all of june due to moving and setting up a new internet system

i am happier but less motivated to write erotically

i started writing a short story about some demented tooth fairies and am half way finished, having written just under 2000 words and creating some very adorable (but demented) characters

i am hoping to continue writing while away from the net

though i will have so many other things to do… including planting a garden

will try to upload videos of the kittens, the house and other fun things as i remember








5 Responses

  1. Hi miss

    Hope you are fine.
    Lot of kisses

    • doing well just very busy xx

    • hhaha yup! grey was just a dits! he climbed my legs and then tried to jump the distance from me to the laptop on the edge of the table.. he made it but only just

      • Silly kitty

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