I found my Prince #SinfulSunday

so i am celebrating

i found a new rental house and i got it!!!

i sign papers next week and i move end of may

i am so excited and can’t stop smiling

moving will change so many things and help with my depression and anxiety

it means i can move forward with my life… haha and this blog

i know i had hopes for the house i am in now but those all left me disappointed

and i am realistic that this future house could still let me down… but i choose to look on the bright side… and there is a tub!!!

so, like i said, i am celebrating

the other day i went shopping for weekend supplies and found an interesting bottle of wine Prince de Saint – Aubin a 2014 Sauternes…

IMG_1370 a.jpg

lol a sweet golden dessert wine

when i saw the name i could not stop giggling… i found my Prince!

no frogs needed for kissing and no worry about my Prince being charming or not haha

and now i am sleepy

no one to cuddle, no real sin to be had but many good books and happy fantasies for the future

so raising my glass to this new chance and to you my pervy friends on this sinful sunday

IMG_1480 a.jpg

for those who don’t know, sinful sunday is all about the picture and supporting those of us who post… so click on the lips, see what everyone else is up to and please leave comments, like and share as you feel moved 😉


Sinful Sunday


14 Responses

  1. A new home is fantastic news and you look like you found a perfect way to celebrate!

    • new rental… needs cosmetic work and i can choose what i want 🙂 cant wait till i sign all the papers!! already feeling more ME

  2. Congrats on the move! Wine and a hint of boobage lovely! 😉

    Velvet x

    • so much more mayhem is on the horizon!

  3. So happy for you, love the sexy pic, cheers, love and hugs ❤

    • hehehe glad you like hun 😀

  4. raising my glass with you!!!

    • yay!!!

  5. No frogs needing kissing… that’s always a good thing. Good luck with your move and your new tub home!

    • and a double rainbow!! long story, will write it later 🙂

  6. Congrats on finding a new place. Perfect reason to celebrate 🍷

    • oh yes!! and i’m plotting new pics there

  7. Now that does look like a rather lovely prince…. as well a lovely boobage and YAY for finding a new home


    • it’s a very tasty wine… next post has giggly jiggly boobs in video cause paprika is being a dopey cat

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