annoyed! no toilet paper

i am seriously annoyed

living with my 18yr old son is driving me mad

driving me to depression as well

i can understand the cats being a pain in the ass and having to clean up after them

but by the age of 18 and a half… i fucking expect better

my house is littered with paper on the wall

“this is what i need done on a daily basis”

“did you read the wall”


all sorts of notes

because i cant clean the house alone and clean up after his lazy ass

and then be expected to go out and find a real job when i am struggling just to have a “home” that makes me feel comfortable in general, let alone to have people visit

i told him repeatedly throughout the day that i needed him to empty the dishwasher and put away the stuff that was air drying

i was seriously depressed last night and feeling sick so i went to bed early

i wake up this morning to feed the cats, let them in or out depending and i find the kitchen still a mess

not just a huge sink full of dishes but the table not wiped down, things not put away on the table and the dishes still not fucking done

i leave a note on the table for my son and go back to bed

basically that note said do the damn dishes

and that he needs to talk to the lady in charge of him (kind of like case worker but her job is to help him get grant money to start his life, help with finding proper schools he can go to for his specialty and she can also help him find a place to live)

i want out of this house by november at the latest

that gives me time to try and find something closer to my ex so that i can see my boys more often than every other weekend and holidays

but i do not want to live with my 18yr old any more

i am tired of constantly walking on egg shells, having to bitch at him to get small things done in a half assed way and still expected to cater to any ego driven whim he has in his head… oh and thanking him for the jobs he does that i had to bitch at him to do

i need him out of the house

for my own sanity

and today is the last straw

i needed to use the powder room or wc or loo… whatever you want to call the damn thing

it was urgent and i should not have to check “is there toilet paper”

it is such a small fucking thing!

to think of other people!

but no.. obviously i don’t count, i don’t matter


so one more note

IMG_9558 pissed off mom

and after this i am done, going to talk to realtors and force the situation

he gets a place, i get a place and i will be free

i am not a slave

i will not be fucking treated as one!





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  1. oh i hate that!!!!

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