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Sinful Sunday
first off, happy valentine’s day to all… many hugs and kisss
now down to business *grin*
a while back my boys yammered on and on about playing destiny on the ps3
they got hooked and kept trying to talk to me about it
i wasn’t in the mood to play games
i used to.. nearly 8 years ago
i used to do rpg table top too
but my marriage sucked the life out of me and i sunk deeper into depression
with the divorce i have been finding myself again
i set up a safe zone in my room so i could try out the game
i needed to learn how to play again and not feel judged
or feel attacked for taking my time
and it turns out i like playing destiny
there is a sort of dream like zen to the maps
i choose to walk more than run
it calms me
and the killing of monster alien things is also therapeutic
my boys are proud of me for trying to find myself again
to be happy and to learn the game’s jargon so they can tell me stories
i’m also making gaming friends
i still feel like a newb even though i spent years as a gamer
i’ve lost my confidence and skills
but i’m getting those back
all that being said i thought i would show you how i like to game
nude except for my soft black robe to keep my shoulders warm
it’s comfy
IMG_9180 a

34 Responses

  1. Who will play the game when those massive assets would be in sight πŸ˜‰

  2. He has often referred to me as ‘every gamers wet dream’ because he will often come home and find me naked on the sofa trying to finish a level (usually failing) before he comes home!

  3. Not a gamer myself but I appreciate the escape… and that’s a lovely way to go πŸ™‚

    ~Kazi xxx

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