yes i talk about sex … sorry i’m not hornye

the title of this blog should say it all

yet people.. mostly guys… just don’t get it

i have seen so many cock shots

seen so many naked bodies

it is boring

no i am not horny

you want me horny you have to wake me up

i am like a sexual version of sleeping beauty

my body is awake but all the horny sexual side of me is in a cursed sleep


21 Responses

  1. No but New York is most definitely on the list… I want to go when it snows! I want to go Christmas shopping there!

    • ok nyc is like london and paris is like dc… i like london but i don’t feel safe in paris

      • We are off to London tonight! Nice little weekend away…
        Another romantic place is Miraflores, lima, Peru… That’s a remarkable country and Miraflores is its romance capital.

      • i love london, i know so many people there and some really great shows..vanilla or not

        if you get the chance you should check out volupté, very nice dinner show (cabaret)

      • Vanilla or not? Expand more please! Not to be explored this weekend though… It’s not just the two of us. Little lady with us too.

      • there is a rich culture for the naughty ones in london.. burlesque, cabaret, femdom clubs, kink clubs, parties… so many things

      • That will have to be explored at another time… We have some fantasies we’d like to explore… Just not sure where the venues are… And it has to be the right place, sensual, erotic…

      • very true


        Do you have any posts about London? I’d be interested to read!

      • some yes but i need to reorganize my earlier stuff….

  2. Eurghhhh men! I’m ashamed to be labelled one too!

    During my days of Internet dating it was a nightmare to be found in amongst the crowds of cock shots received in females inboxes.

    My blog is all about how not to be one of those guys, not be the arse!

    TheManSheWants is about being a gentleman, and treating a fair lady the right way, touching her right, tapping into her mind and soul, sharing her spirituality… And much more.

    Arousal starts with everywhere but her physical body. That’s where it manifests in the end. If you do it right, then that feeling in the end is far from any feeling of sex… It’s much much more…

    Maybe, Lil Miss Shalla, you should send these men my way for a bit of teaching!

    • hahah you would have to get your blog translated to french 😉

      • Really…? The French are the culprits?

      • not always but for me, quite often

        i live in france and there is a big cultural gap between the anglophones and the french

        folks here seem about 20 years off and to the side… lots of sexism even if they don’t recognize it as such

      • And they have a romantic capital city… Such a shame!
        One day I will take my angel there and we will show the French romance! First… Italy, Rome, those beautiful lakes… I wonder what the Italians are like?

      • have you ever been to nyc and dc?

  3. Having read this post, I can’t help but think of Austin Powers spurting out, ‘So I make you horny baby, yeah …’

    • hahaha ya know there are way too many guys who remind me of that but not as charming as mr powers 😉

  4. Sometimes sleep isn’t a curse
    Sometimes we have to recharge
    Sometimes it’s just not right
    To think of filling one’s arse
    Sometimes a break is needed
    Sometimes we need to play PlayStation
    Sometimes it’s right be reserved
    To relieve non sexual frustrations
    Sometimes it can last an hour
    Sometimes it can last a day
    Sometimes a whole fucking month
    Let’s not take the piss eh?

    Sorry to gatecrash, I hope you smiled 🙂

    • you are adorable 😉

      • Haha…thankyou 🙂

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