i am the water… one of my many profiles


Who I am:
I am the water… free flowing and full of passion, able to heal wounds and seduce you with tender ripples of affection
I am the water… calm on the surface but so much activity hidden from prying eyes

But … I am the water… what is added to me will also pollute me and make me change, beware of how you behave with water

I am the water that gives life or takes it… I am the balance of everything
I am the water… the distorted version of yourself, reflected back

Where I have been:
I have been held in loving arms, held so protected that I was the center of his universe

I have been beaten and battered in one form or another… a victim turned survivor
I have been a teacher, healer, guide… a mentor and a giver of unconditional love
I have been empty and waiting to be filled…. lost and hoping to be found

I have stood before royalty, presidents, dignitaries, cosmonauts, the rich and famous
I have been an angel to soldiers, a passionate fantasy for men and women alike
I have been a muse to inspire
I have been likened to a succubus in human form
I have submitted and I have taken control
I have been a sex therapist on the radio
and I have been so much more
Where I am going:
I am going to where I have already been and avoiding past mistakes
I am going forward with passion in my body and lust simmering in my mind
I am going towards a brighter tomorrow

I am going to be “me” again

4 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this!

    • every word is an explanation of my life

    • 😉

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