sensual music to my ears

Standing there, waiting for the people in front of me to move forward..

shuffle move

shuffle move


The line slowly advances, I leave a gap between me and the cart ahead..

people pass

more people pass


A friendly smile from an older gentleman as he sees me in line, hidden in the aisle..

he takes his place behind me

he is a giant of a man


He stands behind me, the distance of a shopping cart but his presence expands outward..

without looking…

I can feel when he moves

I feel him as if he was besides me


Not my type for outward appearance..

though his height and build are how I like them

I love a man taller and broader than me

the knowledge that I would be engulfed in a warm embrace

feeling protected even if I don’t need it


His age doesn’t matter as I am open to all who are kind

I am not looking for anything more than friends

and when in line at the supermarket I am focused on the task at hand


He started to whistle

softly, upbeat..

it always amazes me that people can whistle music

I can only mimic birds and otters

fun but not the same


The line moves

shuffle forward

shuffle forward


He starts to humm

as if he is thinking of the various crooners

gentle sounds


He steps closer, inspecting the candies and gum

something about his humming touches me

like his body was right next to mine

singing in my ear

even over the distance


There was magic in his voice

almost a compulsion

all I wanted to do was to close my eyes and let the world around me fade

find a way to fall back and feel his voice closer

to be held and let the music take over my body


I am very sensitive to sound and it has been so long since my ears were seduced

on purpose or by accident


Every nerve was alive and on fire

my entire body was vibrating in sensual fever

I have missed that


Most days it is like I live in a world buzzing with wasps

high pitched noise that grates on my senses





Tonight was like being next to a deep growl of a motorcycle

a fine rumble of thunder

the intense passion of a …. thing I have not felt in a very long time

a muse


He is not my type

but in a way he is

a moment of inspiration


I need a voice

I need a source of passion

I need to be touched without a touch

to be touched before being touched


I want that feeling again

back in the day when I had a strong lover behind me

whispering deep vibrations of sensual desire


I want a lover that brings back the magic into my life

it feels so good to remember

to not feel dead inside

to know there is a type of magic called passion

that a stranger can stimulate this again…

without meaning to…


it is a new year

a new start

I am hoping to find more inspiration

instead of always being the inspiration for others


I need music in my life

I need a lover who is music to my ears

music to my sleeping body

a muse to forgotten fantasies


I had one once

my major, my ghost of lies

I miss him dearly

and yet I try to forget him

at his request


but once in a while the music randomly plays me a specific song

forcing me to think of him

reminding me of the pull in his voice

the passion and desire


end story

I have to enjoy the day

the spine tingling event with a stranger

ignore the past as best I can

3 Responses

  1. lovely description of a “moment in time” and how you felt.
    BMN x

    • doesnt do the moment justice
      but thank you 😉

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