trying something new #destiny

ok so my boys have been raving about how much the love the game destiny

i hear the 18yr old at all hours of the night goofing off with friends around the world

he tells me the silly shit they talk about and in a way it makes me jealous

see i used to be a gamer girl

but i lost that during the marriage

slowly going more and more into a hermit shell

i used to be on different forums, joking around and part of groups

i miss it

sure most of us migrated to facebook and still shoot the shit on a daily basis with snarky comments

of course i am often the one inspiring sexual havoc in my words

someone needs to be the weirdo lol

as i pause my writing

my lap has been invaded by a certain lil kitten demanding pettings


after a long time of hearing my boys rage and rant and giggle over this game i picked up a copy for myself

i want in

i dont do well on 1st person games or shooting anything but a bow or my mouth

i’m more of a dreamer, looking for a good story and monster bashing

i got zelda for the wii a few years back and i was doing a peepee style dance as i had to keep pressing the button to get past all the damn talking and there i was just wanting to hack n slash

ah well, live and learn

so it seems sony is down for maintenance so i am hozed for trying anything tonight, i know it takes ages to start the game but now i have a longer wait

but i am gonna do this

new year, new start, new shit and find the old me i liked to bring her back to the front where i am now








9 Responses

  1. Try the Witcher 3, epic role play and very good 🙂 or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, running around Victorian London taking down conspiracy!

    • i dont really like those style of games… only playing destiny to see if i can bond with my boys and possibly find something that keeps my attention

      • Cool…enjoy!

      • at level 30, will play more later as a reward for working my ass off to get the house “clean” and “organized”

        ugggggg boring!!!

      • Hahaha the trials and tribulations of the closet gamer 😉

      • i miss gaming, i was way happier when i did D&D or live action and i used to play a bunch of ps1/2 games but i lost so much of that moving to france

        what i need is a way to play my ps1 games in france but that is a zoning issue that i dont know how to fix right now lol

        but having fun finding myself
        eventually i will get back into D&D style gaming, i love the social aspect and i am far too much of a hermit these years

      • Haha a pale skinned gamer from lack of sunlight 😉

      • sweety… i am a redhead… pale should be my first, last and middle name 😉

      • Hahaha true…very true 🙂

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