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Random me stuff

Two names I go by
1. Shalla
2. spacecheetos

Two places I have lived
1. the states
2. france

Three places I have worked
1. retail
2. animal care tech
3. volunteer for the White House

Three things I love to watch
1. sci fi/fantsasy
2. action flicks
3. anime

Three places I have been
1. uk
2. belgium
3. inside your mind

Three things I love to eat
1. mexican!!
2. asian (i love thai, malaysaian and japanese foods)
3. ice cream

Three favorite drinks (not water)
1. root beer float counts right?
2. sweet/dessert wine
3. coffee

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. being happy
2. seeing friends and family
3. waking up my sex drive


just a random list of stuff that says a lil bit of who i am

i saw a friend post this and i thought it was cute, so i changed it to fit my life and now you know a lil more about me

bored out of my mind ~ zombies ate my car

so my car was licked by zombies

not so much that the computer brain was eaten and now car is a reanimated monster

though it is a renault so one never really knows what would happen

anyway the car is in lock down mode

being that i (in theory cause haven’t done much lately) write a sex blog

does this mean my car is actually in a chastity belt?

i am stuck at home

bored out of my “fucking gourd” as i love to say

my son has his scooter so we are totally not screwed for food

doing laundry will be a bit of a bitch

not easy to use a scooter to bring laundry to the machines but will figure something out

will be a real bitch to see my kids this weekend as i usually pick them up on fridays

it is just exhausting to constantly be challenged by the universe

had a massive panic attack the other day

but otherwise trying to keep up my new years resolution from last year

“no fucks given”

trying hard to let stress and crud roll off like water on a ducks back

not easy but coping

made friends with the english lady in the area

she has been worried about me and found someone

so i made a call.. in french.. if you speak a second language but not as fluently as you want, it can be a serious stress to try talking on the phone

but i did it

he will try to come out with a “suitcase” as they call it…

inspect the car brain and hopefully tell me what i need to do

if i have to get it towed i’m looking at spending 100 but i want to make sure i send the car to the right garage! i would hate to get someone telling me “oh sorry love but this garage cant help you and now you have to tow it to a different one”

believe me.. stress like that is the story of my life

not because i want it but because i pay attention and try to fight those situations

i keep trying to find pleasure in life

no matter how simple

but it is like some are born with a golden spoon… mine seems to be more of a tea strainer haha gets the job done but way slower and not as effectively

at least i still have my humor

but so much of me seems to be in shut down mode

waiting for when i can “wake up” and live, have fun, be happy

would be nice to have a sex drive again and be able to post things

but lacking a muse, motivation … it is hard to feel interest

thus far the only thing keeping my attention is playing Destiny on the ps3

shooting aliens, leveling up, beating challenges, seeing really nice graphics… not a bad escape

enjoyed last night, played with a random stranger who only spoke spanish and i found i do know a lot of words and sentences

so another goal for this year is to play more in random groups and improve the bits i know in spanish, german and italian

kitties are keeping me company

pauly shadowcat underfoot is being a sweet lil lover and sleeping on me when i am overly stressed.. he gives great cuddles

mmmm blah

gonna go shoot shit… nothing else to write and no motivation to bug folks

yes i talk about sex … sorry i’m not hornye

the title of this blog should say it all

yet people.. mostly guys… just don’t get it

i have seen so many cock shots

seen so many naked bodies

it is boring

no i am not horny

you want me horny you have to wake me up

i am like a sexual version of sleeping beauty

my body is awake but all the horny sexual side of me is in a cursed sleep


i am the water… one of my many profiles


Who I am:
I am the water… free flowing and full of passion, able to heal wounds and seduce you with tender ripples of affection
I am the water… calm on the surface but so much activity hidden from prying eyes

But … I am the water… what is added to me will also pollute me and make me change, beware of how you behave with water

I am the water that gives life or takes it… I am the balance of everything
I am the water… the distorted version of yourself, reflected back

Where I have been:
I have been held in loving arms, held so protected that I was the center of his universe

I have been beaten and battered in one form or another… a victim turned survivor
I have been a teacher, healer, guide… a mentor and a giver of unconditional love
I have been empty and waiting to be filled…. lost and hoping to be found

I have stood before royalty, presidents, dignitaries, cosmonauts, the rich and famous
I have been an angel to soldiers, a passionate fantasy for men and women alike
I have been a muse to inspire
I have been likened to a succubus in human form
I have submitted and I have taken control
I have been a sex therapist on the radio
and I have been so much more
Where I am going:
I am going to where I have already been and avoiding past mistakes
I am going forward with passion in my body and lust simmering in my mind
I am going towards a brighter tomorrow

I am going to be “me” again

sensual music to my ears

Standing there, waiting for the people in front of me to move forward..

shuffle move

shuffle move


The line slowly advances, I leave a gap between me and the cart ahead..

people pass

more people pass


A friendly smile from an older gentleman as he sees me in line, hidden in the aisle..

he takes his place behind me

he is a giant of a man


He stands behind me, the distance of a shopping cart but his presence expands outward..

without looking…

I can feel when he moves

I feel him as if he was besides me


Not my type for outward appearance..

though his height and build are how I like them

I love a man taller and broader than me

the knowledge that I would be engulfed in a warm embrace

feeling protected even if I don’t need it


His age doesn’t matter as I am open to all who are kind

I am not looking for anything more than friends

and when in line at the supermarket I am focused on the task at hand


He started to whistle

softly, upbeat..

it always amazes me that people can whistle music

I can only mimic birds and otters

fun but not the same


The line moves

shuffle forward

shuffle forward


He starts to humm

as if he is thinking of the various crooners

gentle sounds


He steps closer, inspecting the candies and gum

something about his humming touches me

like his body was right next to mine

singing in my ear

even over the distance


There was magic in his voice

almost a compulsion

all I wanted to do was to close my eyes and let the world around me fade

find a way to fall back and feel his voice closer

to be held and let the music take over my body


I am very sensitive to sound and it has been so long since my ears were seduced

on purpose or by accident


Every nerve was alive and on fire

my entire body was vibrating in sensual fever

I have missed that


Most days it is like I live in a world buzzing with wasps

high pitched noise that grates on my senses





Tonight was like being next to a deep growl of a motorcycle

a fine rumble of thunder

the intense passion of a …. thing I have not felt in a very long time

a muse


He is not my type

but in a way he is

a moment of inspiration


I need a voice

I need a source of passion

I need to be touched without a touch

to be touched before being touched


I want that feeling again

back in the day when I had a strong lover behind me

whispering deep vibrations of sensual desire


I want a lover that brings back the magic into my life

it feels so good to remember

to not feel dead inside

to know there is a type of magic called passion

that a stranger can stimulate this again…

without meaning to…


it is a new year

a new start

I am hoping to find more inspiration

instead of always being the inspiration for others


I need music in my life

I need a lover who is music to my ears

music to my sleeping body

a muse to forgotten fantasies


I had one once

my major, my ghost of lies

I miss him dearly

and yet I try to forget him

at his request


but once in a while the music randomly plays me a specific song

forcing me to think of him

reminding me of the pull in his voice

the passion and desire


end story

I have to enjoy the day

the spine tingling event with a stranger

ignore the past as best I can


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