the last mask #SinfulSunday

i wasnt sure which picture to post

i had taken a few earlier in the week but none really called to me

so i waited

and i sort of stole my 18yr olds costume

his mask is the one i had mentioned in earlier blogs

looking a bit out of time and reminding me of the film Amadeus

for my son it reminded him of the animatronic creations

so he walked the streets for halloween

staggering like a robot

laughing madly from behind his mask

the flare for drama does run in the family

so tonight you get to see me as a blond

IMG_4146 a

with redheads we slowly fade to white

maybe this is a glimpse at my future self

as the theme is looking down from above

i tried to capture this in most of my pictures tonight

also trying to show the darker side of this mask

IMG_4151 a

and the more playful angle

IMG_4174 a

trying for a more natural shot without the mask or wig

IMG_4253 b

but i am slowing down

fading out

time to sink back into the shadows and dream

IMG_4261 a

but before i go

i request you take a look at who else is being sinful tonight

look over the blogs you can find by clicking on the lips

scatter us to the winds of the web, love us by leaving comments and be kind to us brave enough to share

sinful sunday is always about the image

Sinful Sunday

28 Responses

  1. These are so amazing, I love them all, but especially Molly’s pick, it’s absolutely perfect! Seriously, it makes me want to paint again! xox

    • yayayay i have been your muse!!
      paint lady! PAINT!!
      show me the pretties you can create πŸ˜‰

  2. naked witches are my favorite kinds of witches!

    • hahah i haven’t really dressed as a witch in ages.. the mask is a bit close but reminds me more of the madness from the movie amadeus

      will have to think up a nude witches pic collection πŸ˜‰

  3. Beautiful x

    • now i want to play with face paint

      sadly no one local for body paint haahah

      • I’m quite artistic… when you visit we will body paint 😊

      • hahah i like how you already know my travel plans before i have thought them up πŸ˜‰

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