calling all males… are you interested in posing for my blog #Movember #CockInSock

let me know if you would be interested in sending me a picture of your bits in a sock… yes you read me right

i want to know who would be interested in helping support testicular cancer awareness.. the male no bra day as it were

i want to post them on my blog, no face needed and no name needed…. just want to do my part to help folks be aware of men’s health and add some fun to the net

though a lot of people bad mouth no bra day, it has become something well known, something people can speak about for good or for bad

but men’s health still stays on the back burner for this type of cancer… so i want to do my part to bring equality to the net and human health…

i do know that april is officially the month for testicular awareness but….since november has become known for showing support and not shaving..

i am also accepting lovely images of your sexy ‘stachs
for those more on the innocent side who wish to participate by not shaving for movember…

so lemmy know
if you are interested

14 Responses

  1. lmao so that either means you have to be local or a silly session on skype

    sadly..and i am very honest about this, i am way more interested in the mind than the body so i could look at all of you nude and even have sex with you and not feel anything

    sadly i am broken

  2. I’m up for it.
    To be fair, I don’t shave anyway as I prefer to get waxed.

    • haha you are too cute, will send an email to the one you have listed πŸ˜€ thank you

  3. What a great idea! I hope some step up for you. I’ll share this post

    • i have a few so far…

      even have a lady thinking she should dress up her strapon with a sock… i will totally accept that pic hahah

  4. Wish I could convince a certain somebody

    • lovely female friend of mine said “i don’t know any males”.. ok granted she is a lesbian.. but she is willing to wear a strapon in a sock…

      ok granted this had me GIIIIIIGLING but i love the idea… ya know cause support the men right!?!!

      • I think I need to go shopping

      • heheheh ❀

  5. ok, not email i would have used but sure

    • On sorry… can you delete my email post 😊

      • done

  6. Interested

    • yayay will send an email

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