days 4, 5 & 6 of the masks i wear

so i do apologize for the wait

it is now the first of november and my week of haunting was not displayed on time

but my back decided to tell me i needed some time in bed

even though i wanted to do so many fun things

like celebrate my birthday

but as usual

nothing goes according to plan

it is easy for people to look at me and judge me

to see me and think i am healthy and fine

but i am handicapped and some days i just can’t cope

so this has been a “wonderful” start to my birthday

36 years of being weird, quirky and rediscovering and defining “me”

so here are the masks i bought

there is one other but my son took it for a party last night

i wanted to show the details of the masks

the one that creeped out my friend

IMG_4057 a

the one with a more romantic flare

IMG_4049 a

and the one you have yet to see me wear

IMG_4051 a

though i loved capturing the shadows and the light

how something sweet can have a darker side

IMG_4052 a

i love optical illusions

well here are pictures

i will post again later today for sinful sunday

but for now i have cleaning to do


10 Responses

  1. Ohhhh I love the first one!

    • me too
      hoping i can talk my friend into making some as she is learning to make belgian thingies.. like lace but different

  2. Lovely masks, and yes its still creepy 😛 the pictures all look like wonderful art ❤

    • all in the angle hun… i have no idea what i am doing, i just know what i like 😉

  3. these are so gorgeous, i would love to know how you started your collection!

    • haha you are too cute

      these are all recent.. i went out with my 18yr old to buy supplies for a party he was invited to and i found the masks at different shops

      it is rare for me to find things like this in france and i loved that i could get something so pretty

      the two metal masks are my favorite… partly for their delicacy as well as for the way the remind me of the gentle side of the movie labyrinth and the ball scene

      • i am so obsessed with masks–i love them all and am glad you shared!

      • cant wait to get a pic of the one my son picked out

        it is similar to paper machete in white and gold with some black and areas of sheet music

        it looks like something out of the movie amadeus

      • ooooh!

      • i know!!!
        i love the mask because growing up we would always watch that film when my music teacher was absent or not in the mood to teach

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