stars and stripes… innocently erotic

so i bought some cute socks while i was in the states


i have been obsessed with wearing them

i would love more of the cute socks

i don’t like normal and boring

and the other day i saw cute panties

nothing fancy

nothing sexy

but cute

they work with my socks

nothing ever works with my bra so i will ignore that haha

so tonight i am showing my stars and stripes

powder blue and white socks


slightly darker blue panties with white stars


i know this is innocent

but i like to tease


i like to be playful


some days i am cute an innocent

though many would cry bullshit

one friend did that earlier on facebook haha

i’m off to bed

hope your night is sweet and full of good dreams

2 Responses

  1. Very nice and it’s nice to see the art of the tease is still alive. We can get in far too big a hurry and don’t stop to enjoy the build of excitement, the tease, the denial and then some more. Slowly working into the passionate frenzy. I love burlesque and old school strip tease dancing. Sometimes it is far more erotic to have something slightly hidden than to simply give it all away. Don’t get me wrong, both aspects get me worked up, just depends on my mood, but the slow reveal can be such fun. And quite rewarding as well.

    • i hear ya

      this is why i want to put together a coffee table type of book, erotic, sensual but more tease than show and when i do show i want it tasteful instead of some of the amateur porn i keep seeing

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