boobs, kitties and confusion #SinfulSunday

so i have been missing this meme for a while

taken pictures, even plotted what to write and the universe has conspired against me

tonight is better

time is mine

though the net or maybe my laptop is lagging to make this take longer

i am doing it

my life has been crazy lately as my last post can explain

or the venting on facebook… should you happen to see me there

on the good side, the kitties have been very sweet

the neighbors cat has been visiting often

seems the animals know i need cuddles and gentler times

granted they seem to like my boobs

i don’t have a good picture of Pauly ShadowCat (neighbors kitten)

but tonight Paprika demanded cuddles while i was altering pics

IMG_3141 a

and the other night TinMan caught a rare moment where Google let me cuddle him

IMG_0670 a

i think he had a moment of weakness cause of the other neighborhood cats had been fighting with him

“mom..can i sleep with you tonight”

as you can see from these pictures

there is a lot of cleavage but no real sin

here is where the confusion comes in

i had cleaned all my cookies and when i typed in sinful sunday

well i was taken to a baking site

this got me giggling hard

i don’t think she got many of the “proper” followers on twitter hahaha

but the monkey bread recipe does look good


ok fine.. i’ll break out the sin 😉

last weekend i had been planning posting pics that bring about simple pleasure

a low cut top with something pretty on my neck


the appreciation of a lover

either because of my ample tracks of land

or when between his legs

IMG_2287 a

giving pleasure is something i love

though i admit, having someone take pictures of me is also a simple pleasure

so there.. have some sin haha

and remember, sinful sunday is all about the image

so click the lips and see who else is being sinful

comment, share, love

Sinful Sunday

19 Responses

  1. Adorable. Kittens and boobs are the best things ever.

    • i would like a puppy but have to wait haha

  2. Nothing better than boobs in my opinion and I love that last image, the hint of movement, the colours, it is just beautifully shot


    • feels good being me again

  3. Oh these are wonderful, don’t they provide so much comfort, I couldn’t be without mine.

    • have google and paprika on the bed tonight… its nice

  4. Great pics! I have kitties in my house again and am loving all the “lap time” 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • i dont want to ever live without animals again

  5. Love these pictures…

    • aww thank you hun 😀

  6. You do have some sin, yes. Lovely series of pics.

    • have so many more lol

  7. Beautiful! The photo with the kitty cuddled up to you is so sweet!

    • mmm that would be google, he is more badass and rarely gets affectionate with me… he will give kisses and sometimes sleep on my bed but he seems to be more affectionate with the guys in the house (my boys, TinMan, Gentleclown), sometimes other females

      but not me haha
      though he will cuddle up if i have a bad panic attack

  8. lovely boobies!!

    • haha all about the angle and a good bra 😉

      would get some good pics of you if i was closer

  9. Missed you my fair lady…

    • hugs

      • Hugging you right back…squeeze….

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