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why are you in my boobs? #SinfulSunday

seems it is the season of the moths

and they all seem to love me

had a wounded one on the outside of the window


it came in and wouldn’t get off my hand for almost an hour


and then tonight

i wasn’t planning on posting a sinful sunday

 a moth came in

it decided it HAD to be in my boobs

i must smell good or something

check out who is being sinful tonight

enjoy and help promote our fun

Sinful Sunday

19 Responses

  1. Really cool shot of the moth on your boob, such a cute thing! The moth is pretty cute too 🙂

    • hahah silly one
      thank you

  2. The picture is lovely but I hate moths.

    • hahah not taking pics of spiders in my boobs 😉

  3. Oh I think I’d jump with fright. But this is so lovely!!! I love that second photograph!!!
    Xxx – K

    • i’m not sure i was ever a girly girl
      always been rough and tumble 😉

  4. A warm and nurturing place….who can blame the moth for liking that


    • just as long as the spider stays away!!!!

  5. Hmmm, I’m happy being around bugs but my limit is being crawled on!

    • i often don’t have much choice haha

  6. WOW, you really captured the moth beautifully 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • this one from a few years ago is still my favorite type to encounter

  7. i bet you do smell good, you always have such a poetic narrative with your gorgeous images Shalla!!!

    • i tend to mix perfumes … something musk, something sweet/fruity and a bit of vanilla to melt it all together

      • vanilla is always a winner! so like i said, you *do* smell good! xxx

      • my fave mix is a amber musk from spritual sky, ricci ricci by nina ricci and generic kids vanilla scent…

        i spray those on back of the neck into the hair line and down my cleavage

        if i really want to confuse people
        i use spiritual sky blueberry on my wrists and temples

        seems a bit much but really works well

      • very nice…and sensual…

  8. *waves at the pretty moth* That’s a great macro!

    xx Dee

    • i love these kind of bugs.. its the big assed spiders i just dont want… found one in the bathroom a lil while ago, got pics of him too before my son captured it and tossed outside (i’d have fly swatted the fucker for freaking me out by being there)

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