dont fuck with me when i drive!

so wanted to use my car/momvan to reach ramming speeds and fuck up this creep tonight!

dickshit decided he just had to ride my ass so close i could see the whites of his eyes in the rear view, then at the round about goes from behind me (left lane) to cut off guy next to me (right lane) and take the circle nearly hitting me so he can drive a straight line on a curved area

i am used to buttmuches like this but he seriously had me torked off and heart was pounding and fuck i wanted to nail his side with the front of my car… cause i could have! RAMMING SPEEDS!!
had i been one of those other simpering wetnosed shits on the road it would have been simple to get confused and punch the accelerator instead of the break

i maneuvered fine, used to this shit by now, punched my horn loud, strong and long as i took the curve well and didnt fuck over anyone behind me

dickforbrains went on to play musical lanes before he finally turned out of sight

i was so pissed i was shaking

hope the shiny ass fuck gets a craving for bestiality and shags an armadillo

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