i love my T-Friends #SeekingArrangements #TransgenderBlog

as always i find something on a dating site or kink site and it makes me think

often it is someone being stupid but well meaning and i get into a snit about needing to correct them

haha not be “right” just help open their mind a bit more

i love when people head in the right direction but need a push over the edge to better open their eyes



anyway today i was on the seeking arrangement website

i have been there for years but i am not the cotton candy fluff that most men want

no big deal

but i decided to read through some of the blogs

this one popped up at me

A Different Kind of Sugar

to sum up the blog entry… this is who we are, this is a list of terms we use and treat us with respect

which really is how we SHOULD treat everyone

an individual or a group

learn who they are, what they need to be comfortable and be respectful

not really that complicated and yet so many people fuck it up

anyway i thought i would post a quick reply on one of my experiences in life

i love my T-friends

i met a young FTM a few years ago…. so lonely, depressed, such a lovely soul but in so many bad relationships (love/family/friends/work)

she became my lil boy
so bouncy and hyper and happy
simple friendship and encouragement to tell the (bad side/stupid side of the) world to just fuck off and be and love yourself

i am by no means a sugar mommy but i love deeply and help when i can
helping to fund (along with a few other friends) binders to help him look more the way he feels

i have helped guide him through tough times, different loves and watched how he grew with the help of the medications and exercise… his shapes changing and voice deepening

i have watched the video blog he created to document the process and give courage to others….. he is very much one of my boys (i have 3 children ages 18, almost 14 and 8) and i am so proud of who he has become as a person… the confidence without arrogance, the kindness mixed with a rough edge, the intelligence and the happiness

i have many people in my life and i know what it is like to suffer being different..
to try to wear a smile when the world is trying to chip away at you for being you

i am poor in money but rich in love, kindness, empathy, knowledge and experiences… i give what i can in the only ways i can

my small part in trying to change the world for the better

i am searching for someone to offer me kindness.. i know it is out there

so i hope you T-Friends keep searching and find your kindness too

lots of love

One Response

  1. very good i wish that everyone could be respectful to others who are different.

    im not sure if you ever liked any geeky stuff, but i used to watch the cartoon version of x-men when i was little. one of the things they always said on that show was the people fear what they do not understand, I think that is alot of why people are mean to each other and i guess that would apply here. i hope that people try to understand each other more in the future.

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