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kitten and boobs new pics, new kitten!

so my son picked out a kitten from a friend of a friend’s latest litter

i was gone a month due to my dads death, said he could pick her up when i got back but he got her  days early

this stressed me because i dint want google thinking i was gone and he was replaced

well they get on decently

but its my son’s kitten!

except she likes sleeping in my bed and going batshit crazy at play time, also in my bed

today i decided to get cute pics mixed with boob shots


as one does!

loved how in some she yawned


she seems to like tits and ass

she is now curled up along the curve of my ass

i am laying on my side as i surf the web

silly paprika

23 Responses

  1. Amazing ! Your posts are worth waiting ! May be kitten has too got fond of your sensuous body 🙂

  2. Awesome cat and your breasts look pretty awesome too

    • thanks sweety

      • What size are your breasts they look huge

      • i wear a 38 (usa) /105 (france) bra
        the cup varies depending on the maker

        my left is an E and my right is an F.. joy of breast feeding 3 lol

        sadly i cant easily buy bras when i am state side, seems they only want to think ladies go to DDD lol

        but the uk and france have bras i can wear 😀 just not very cheap lol

      • I’m a total breast lover if you or your husband enjoy huge 11 inch cocks read my blog there is photos of it. Please comment

      • sorry love, ex hubby is too prudish and i am technically single but have a lover TinMan and he is very much straight and into boobs as much as you lol

        cock doesnt do much for me, i am way more into the person and how their brain functions 😉

      • If you want I can buy you a good bra and get it sent to you

      • would love that, always looking for more excuses to take pictures 😉

      • Cool my mobile number is +447934070768 send me a txt with your U.S. Address and your U.S. Breast size I’ll buy a nice bra for you

      • lol sweety i live in france, i visit the states when seeing my family

      • We’ll send me your address or somewhere I can send you a new bra

      • If you want to hear something good msg me back it’s to do with your posy

      • sorry love i dont use my phone, laptop only as i am old school and fail at tech stuff

      • I’ve just done something dodgy so you should txt soon

      • Just posted my cock what do you think?

      • very nice but i prefer when the skin is pulled back.. for me i am more into the picture, the artistic angle

        i dont get horny from seeing naked men 98% of the time unless they are mine

  3. These are such cute photos!

    xx Dee

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