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    June 2015
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you’ve been mooned! #humor #nudity & #SinfulSunday

wisconsin to The UK

tune in The UK

do you read me?


cracking up at my own snark..

might be the patron i am drinking

cant get that shit in france!

and no Mr YouKnowWhoYouAreInIreland i am not a fucking LIGHT WEIGHT

..sorry been a random couple of days

between getting a message on okcupid from a supposedly young male

(could be old fart for all i know)

in france trying to tell me

“i dont want to shock you but i am looking for a partner for bdsm in the 50 shades of grey style”

yeah as fucking if

or the weirdos from the last blog hahafuckingha

if you havent read please do cause i cant make this shit up

so life has been weird and good but more in the weird zone for my trip through wisconsin

and yes i was within 30 mins driving distance of the cop getting shot the other day…

could have been interesting indeed!

so today we observed the moon


and we decided that we needed to zoom in on the moon and invade it’s privacy


amazingly this new camera can handle zooming in and getting details

my ass is not as big as the moon so we can avoid zooming in THAT MUCH

and she giggles madly as i read this aloud to explain my chuckling at my typing

..side note..

her: we need scissors!

me: we bought scissors!

her: no we left them there!!!!

me: i HAZ scissors

her: ooo you are a good girl!

me: i am like a boyscout!

her: in training

me: yeah i would have to grow my clitoris longer

yes this is what my life is like! *giggles*

so where was i.. oh yess

you have been mooned

here is a picture, unaltered, from my camera


of the moon

and a random nude for shits, giggles and sinful sunday

IMG_0975 a

loves you!!!


her: so i guess we arent ordering pizza

me: oh yeah! (clicks to other screen and comments before looking) there are no papa johns in our area

her: oh poo

me: ok i lied i havent looked yet

me: oh see i was right there is one in janesville (ie not fucking close by)

her: well pizza hut is a good second best, tell them to swing by papa johns and pick up that garlic butter

the conversation just degraded from there

i honestly cant make this shit up and sadly i cant record it all

giggling madly

so yeah… remember, Sinful Sunday is all about the picture and the lovely people participating in the meme

so click on the lips and see who else has been sinful before me…damn dirty time zones

pizza here i cum!..come? fuck it gimmy da cheese!!

Sinful Sunday

17 Responses

  1. Good thing I’m not a werewolf, I guess. And that last shot is so hot.

  2. Great moon and a pretty great nude too.


  3. Love the moon pics. The one of you is gorgeously sexy too.

  4. Those Moon shots are amazing! You make me want to buy a better camera.

  5. Very lovely photos!

  6. I hope your traveling has not been too stressful, sounds like you have managed to fit in some fun too.


  7. Nice moon!! Nicer nakedness! 😉

    Velvet x

  8. Being a perv, I prefer the nude 😉

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