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#burlington you have some sweet but weird people

so i am dealing with my dad’s affairs since his death

it has been hard due to paperwork and trying to get everything sorted

currently i am living in the twilight zone

things are the same but different

for some reason i keep finding extremes

i had one woman, about my age, decide that the reason i was in town was so sad and she just had to give me a hug

never met her before

no connection…

just compassion

no ulterior motives


today was fucking mental!

did someone let the drugs out?!!

ok i have been smoking while here, it’s something to do while with the people around me and i can

my life, my rules

(being repressed in the past has really upped my need to do what i want, when i want because it is what I WANT!)

so me and another woman had just left my dads apartment

we are on the main street

i light up to smoke and she notices that a white car drove past

the young guy inside waved at us

i dont know dick here

next, and i kid you not…NEXT

a black or dark blue large pickup truck (maybe a dodge ram) went past and the passenger (both guys) had his cell out and was taking a picture of us

swear they went past and did a u turn to look again

i stared at them both times

couldnt be a fluke cause by the time they came back we were standing on the opposite side of the street


right fucking after that!!

this other car comes right up

young guy driving with female passenger

the guy yells out

“hey do you know how to get to…”

without missing a beat i reply

“sesame street?”

the girl looks annoyed as all hell

the guy speeds off like i just busted his balls and ruined his joke

i yell after

“yeah!! just turn left!”

seriously people?!


who let the loonies out!

fun times

stories to tell the grandkids

One Response

  1. Sounds like the kind of thing i would say, and get the same response ☺

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