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    June 2015
    M T W T F S S

i teased him #SinfulSunday

there are many i enjoy teasing with my large breasts


though give me half the chance i could take beautiful pictures of others who come in any size

but i am the model, for good or for bad


so the theme of colored pictures, a filter to tint the world


i have not had much time


dealing with my fathers death and raising money to get home

but i used my phone, set to orange


or blue


testing and later teasing


but a normal one too


i hope to keep posting

next week i start my trip home to the midwest

if not i will see you in july


remember sinful sunday is all about the image

clink of the link to see the rest of us participating in the fun

Sinful Sunday

33 Responses

  1. […] Lil Miss Shalla – Shalla blows me away with her beauty. She always manages to capture her beauty with a camera so perfectly. This image is no different. It’s a simple and beautiful image. […]

  2. wow! I wonder how many men you could make masturbate with your teasing — it really is amazing.

    • when i really make an effort on the dating sites, i was talking to about 1000 guys per year… ok not every day all day each one for life long pervy friends

      but i am highly social and tend to inspire men and women to get aroused πŸ˜‰

      • “well,” he says, blushing, “you certainly did your magic very well on this one man I know extremely well … and (deeply blushing), he did something about it.”

      • haha very cute

        i may have to do something about my curiosity and visit your blog

        but i am very slow… always too much to do

      • he smiles, thinking of you, in his office alone, writing and needing a break, behind his desk.

      • mmmm interesting

      • wow, i like your twitter page. I am following you now, @danielwritingways. My father is buried in Wisconsin too, in northern wisconsin. many of my family is from there.

      • my dad is with me, had him cremated πŸ™‚

        his family was from somewhere north but no idea where

      • I am so sorry for your loss my friend, i truly am. I sincerely know the feeling. I wish we would have had my father cremated; it is so difficult going to see him. So many times I would have really appreciated just being able to sit in front of his urn and speak with him. Of course, I do that now, but it is through the use of my imagination, that is the best I can do.

      • i didnt have him pulverized so there isnt as much ash, more fragile bits… its really fucking cool!

        will take a bit that calls to me and travel with it and then pulverize on the spot to scatter him πŸ™‚

        he always wanted to travel

      • he sounds like my late wife. She was killed by a drunk driver when she was very young, and she loved to travel. we had lived rather bohemian like, so i had her ashes scattered into the wind in the favorite spots she had throughout Japan and the United States.

      • i’m sorry Shalla — my twitter is @mywritingways1, what i posted before was my username.

      • i will follow you on twitter

  3. Wow , amazing sensuous pics esp. Where you are pinching your nipples. You are perfect in teasing πŸ˜‰

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