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    May 2015
    M T W T F S S

nude and the stairs #SinfulSunday #ScavengerHunt

a lot going on this month and last

dad was in the hospital for 21 days and i was calling every day to check on him and the doctors

not enough sleep, stress and then issues at home too

but i had made some time to go out on the 10th and took a bunch of pictures, including that last one of me at the old laundry spot on the river..old world feel

that day we toured around the area and found that there is a walking path up the hill

lots of rocks and trees

the stairs are hidden from the road down below and we risked a few pictures

IMG_3493 a

i am trying to have a normal life again and keep posting

but my dad died and i have been under so much stress to raise money

first for the autopsy and cremation

now to get me home to wisconsin to deal with his affairs and a wake

but life has to live and i need to feel like me right now

so posting this to help others with body image issues

my body isnt the shape i want but i am working on that

if there is money left over from all this pain, i will join an aquagym and tone/firm up

as you can see i have huge thighs..15yrs of roller skating and sport πŸ˜€

i have fat yes but i am very strong still

be well

love deeply

make your goodbyes before they are needed

IMG_3494 a


as with all sundays it is about the image

join the rest of us and see who is being sinful and having fun with the camera

Sinful Sunday

36 Responses

  1. Deepest condolences. Your ability to love life extends out from your photos. Keep having fun and living it up!

  2. I love this, seeing you fully clothed and then bare.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. These pictures are beautiful and remind me of the acreage I grew up in.

    • there is a place in wisconsin i would love to visit and take pictures… belgium too

      i love the warm feeling, like magic is there and the world fades away

  4. So very sorry to hear about the passing of your father.

    Please know that these photos are beautiful and inspirational. In the nude, you really do look like you belong to the forest. In the clothed, you look like a gorgeous woman, contemplating life and confident of her position in the world.

    Safe travels back to Wisconsin!

  5. We are terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Sending warm hugs and lots of love. However, these photos are absolutely gorgeous. Between the loveliness of your naked body in front of the stairs, and the confidence we perceive in the second shot as you sit reclined on the steps themselves, there is much to find alluring in this post.

    • i want to live life to the fullest, it is too short to simply exist

      i hope to take more pics while in wisconsin

      make sure to check out sinful sunday, i have some pics selected that have lovely lighting πŸ˜€

      and thank you for your kindness

  6. You are so very very beautiful, Shalla.

    You did a stairs scavenger hunt back with the parking garage – but these are gorgeous so I’ve updated the pages to link to this one for the location.

    xx Dee

  7. You look like a wood nymph emerging from the forest in an erotic fairytale.

    • haha! that is why people tell me i am not allowed to cut my hair or dye it

      nymph, dryad, succubus or other, people say i look like i’m from so other era of romance and such

  8. I’m so sorry things have been difficult for you. I do love the image on the stairs, absolutely gorgeous in wonderful surroundings.

  9. Beautiful sight.

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