stop being stupid #rant #SendItToCalifornia #water

i wrote and posted this on facebook

i am so sick of people being stupid and happy in their misery instead of standing up and making the world better for everyone


rant (to those in california but also the rest of the world!)


dear people in california….

i keep seeing people i know or friends of friends on here or twitter of wherever who say “send it to california”

seriously? why?!!

ok you need water

what about the dessert countries do they need it any less?

do you think of them?

you may have less but you have it and its usually clean

what about kids/families that have no stable source of clean water

if you want water


why? cause you live next to a huge body of water!!

the caps are melting adding MORE water

there happen to be other lives doing that thing called living in the water..

purifying it might kinda be a good idea in general but more so if you want to keep doing that thing called eating them

the price of gas is high cause oil is omg running out and fuckers are greedy

you want water?

be mad fucking max and make water a high commodity

yes money can be made on investing in taking care of people and the planet!

making fresh, clean water means investing in other supporting technology which causes this thing called a chain reaction of jobs!

creating more jobs means a better quality of life!

and if you do it right, there is no reason it couldnt be implemented in other locations that have poisoned water due to stupid humans/businesses or natural disasters

and there is also that future point that if any of you fuckers want to leave earth for some other far flung world

it might be nice to have this type of technology perfected first

if you cant do it at home why the fuck do you think you could survive elsewhere!

as for people in flooding zones or high snow zones

well fuck, if we had better purification systems in place

maybe we could collect a portion of the run off and help avoid so many disasters that happen from over saturation

why leave huge mini mountains of snow to block people off

adding toxic chemicals or salt to the roads to keep the ice from forming

all of this causes over saturating an area from the water and other things that kill the flora and fauna and eat away at cars, roads and harming our health

if we could shovel it up, haul it off to a treatment plant, process and store it

well hell… maybe there would be less drought going on

and more jobs to help boost the economy

but ya know

all of this is a moot point if the majority of people keep focused on ….omg send it here or omg look at how big my/her tits look in this/that or omg this reality tv show is so worth all my time!!

not enough people are thinking

not enough people are doing something for the future

our priorities are fucked up (fuck “race”, religion, gender, stereotypes etc)

we are failing as HUMANS

we let petty bullshit get tagged onto situations and then they spiral out of control

we stop giving a damn about other people and what they go through

we pass blame without knowing all the details, can’t be bothered to learn the truth and refuse to do anything to make it all better

stop bitching

stop whining

stop doing the pity me song and dance

stop pointing fingers!!

all of you get off your ass and make a difference!

push this world to a better future instead of running it into the ground and being callous fucktards!

utopia is like perfection

something to strive for, the act of working for it makes everything better

but perfection and utopia are a myth

you cant have it but you can still make a difference and up the quality of life!

and that is the next best thing!

so get smarter

stop doubting yourself and make a difference

even something small helps

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