audio a day for the month of may…canceled till further notice

due to audioboom being a bunch of whimps

i can no longer post anything sexual

so i took off everything but the “hi this is me” audio

i will be deleting that account

seems if you stay under the radar they don’t care but

god forbid you contact them for help and they find out that you might post something even remotely erotic

when it was audioboo instead of boom… the folks representing them on twitter had said what i was doing was ok

and then things changed

was fun going into a panic attack worried if they would delete my work (no matter how boring or badly done) before i could save it

you see, when i joined years ago, audioboo had no way to save anything you uploaded to their site

either way audioboo or audioboom, the site is badly organised and they have no way to safely section away people like me or others who post NSFW messages… so it isnt my fault

they just suck

and now i have to find a new site

i know i can post normal shit on soundcloud but fear having the same crap happen if i post anything erotic

so i am stuck

if you have any suggestions on how i can post my words and not get smacked down for it

i would love the help

3 Responses

  1. Censorship sucks!

  2. Goodness what a loss !! Your voice is utterly amazing to listen to ,, sensual sensuous with that glorious sharp edge. A wonderful idea xxxx xxx

    • help me find another outlet
      i love to use my voice but i need a site to host it

      or i need cash to upgrade this site cause i think i remember that as an option but i need more coffee before i start thinking

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