day 3 & 1/2 #SFW audio a say for the month of may

oh sure… as i write this and do yet a 3rd recording for my day 3 recording….

the others start to show up on my audioboom site lol

how obnoxious!

kind of misses my goal for one each day and yet i am still counting it

i will play by the same rules as molly

10am stateside time is my cut off for the night before hahha

covers so many of the time zones that way

sorry for all the rambling

when i have an idea i try to stay focused

but when things go wrong i get ramdom

so i will add day 3 & 1/2

hopefully i can add the first day 3 later

should it show up on my audio page that is

but i also made a recording using another means

hopefully that one will also work here

and it doesnt

damn wrong file

ok i give up lol

you have one that is good enough

tomorrow i will try to get in a post earlier

hard with the kids and the bad weather

2 Responses

  1. I’m gonna follow you on AB. You should think about doing #audiomo next month.

    • this is a good test to get me back into being me… i have become paranoid about talking on skype or the phone cause i hate being judged or listened to by others (usually it is my kids lol or was my ex)

      so many years of being polite and not bugging people when in public has added levels of hermit like behavior

      i will see what i can do for next month 😀

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