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    April 2015
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3 yrs blogging #SinfulSunday

i haven’t been blogging much these days

so little motivation

so little energy to spare

stress from every angle

some pleasure

which always leads me to pain

tonight is a good example of this

i decided i was curious to try candle wax on sensitive skin

i know the concept

and i was cautioned on how different wax burns at different heats

tonight was only a photo-shoot

a test..

in the name of science!

…and photography

the pain i felt

when wax hit skin

was a sharper heat then physically expected

mentally i was sure i had the wrong style of candles

but for an image i am willing to try

had this been a night of sin and erotic pleasure

then the pain would have stopped me

it would have turned me off and the night would have ended

but as a test for images

i braved on and dealt with the pain

putting it to the side and ignoring it

no emotional attachment to the pain

the colors were cute

the pattern was playful

but when the wax came off

so did a bit of skin

red is left behind

there will be interesting marks for the vanillas to see

spring time sun will get interesting

wearing low cut tops

scaring the locals

you can’t seduce everyone you know

so take this warning if you (the general you of whomever is reading this) have yet to try wax

learn before hand the safety rules

the ways to protect your skin

how to chose your candles

sometimes the most obvious things are ignored

pleasure and pain

but make sure it is the good pain

….. so

here are my images

3 years blogging thanks to the birthday girl molly

IMG_2822 a

and an image of me on my knees

with wax on my right breast

the candle still lit

to show you a bit of light

IMG_2848 a

now off i go

into the darkness

i wish you a sweet good night

Sinful Sunday

see who else is being sinful this sunday

please have a look at the other lovely bloggers who participate in this #SinfulSunday meme

and give them positive compliments for their efforts of posting images today

remember that sinful sunday is all about the image

27 Responses

  1. Happy Blogoversary! Beautiful shots, but the first one is simply stunning.

  2. Happy anniversary! This is a lovely image! It certainly seems worth the pain, though I’m not the one hurting 🙂

  3. What delicious blog birthday images. Congratulations!

  4. Very sexy! Happy bloggiversary!

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