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    March 2015
    M T W T F S S

oh look!… why yes that’s rodent shit… aren’t you lucky!

so lets sum up this year in my housing situation (ok really just about 6 months)

mid august i sign papers on a 3bd house
it is technically a townhouse although the whole thing was once a big stone thing…now divided into 3 different houses and refurbish/extensions and all that happy whooha

near the middle of nowhere with a lil bit of garden and some land in front that is wild run space for the neighborhood cats (mine included)

wasnt my first choice but being poor, on french gov help (read that as slow as fuck and random due to so many complications that the US system actually “seems” competent) i dont have many options and i was on a deadline that was fading fast

i pay too much
sept comes around quick… neighbor is fucking MENTAL as all get up and not the fun kind..starts stalking me all the way through october

oct.. starting to get cold, cant keep house warm enough, always damp and neighbor fucktard ruins my birthday and halloween… remember me ranting about wanting to slash his throat for kissing me and putting his hands on me without invite?

nov… son and i have both been sick, he has missed over 130hrs of school.. oh look MOLD IN THE FUCKING HOUSE… but ya know, owners mom (one of neighbors) says just air the house 20min each day and use vinegar or bleach.. my son and i are fucking allergic to chemicals smells and mold… and i am paying wayyyyyy to much to heat the house and it is always cold!

dec… son drops out of school cause of abuse from school over his sickness and doctors being dicks…got someone to clean the mold but it is in the strips around the windows so those have to come out and be resealed… iaint touching that….

jan… you hear that? yeah google heard that… something in the ceiling and the side wall.. fuck… mold coming back slowly, bill 2 for heating still too damn high (for nothing) wiring off in certain areas, other small issues

feb… rinse repeat all the fucking above..threw out some food that had gone molding on the outside..flour…rice was swollen in the box… lovely

oh look! its march 3rd 2:23 am and guess what I HAVE FECAL MATER IN MY “CLOSET”… i made a glass fall to the floor and break..not meaning to, the table was too cluttered while i was cooking

google was seriously interested in me cleaning up the glass but my 17yr old held the cat down to keep him out of the way as i swept up

then i bend down near the “closet”… thats animal shit… i know that smell, i worked with rodents before
the “closet” is a small door and “area” with open pit like thing with ladder down into cellar/cave.. yeah that door stays closed, i like my wine where i can drink it

so i never open it… but i open it tonight
the opening was closed off with a cement lid, it can be removed but can also make the whole thing usable for storage…as fucking if! not with all the moisture in this house
so on the slab i see shit all over, some fresher than others, some grey tuffs that could be fur or mold of excellent standing… i didnt really look that hard

took a pic with a 2€ coin… think about the size of a quarter.. some of the droppings were nearly the diameter of the damn coin … think just under an inch

there is also a “shelf” like ceiling which had poo in one area but not where the piping is so i am doubting rats
i looked outside and the window to the area above the shelfing thing… not open and slightly higher and to one side is poo smears…
all of that being well over 7′ up

i could fucking scream
not that it is rodents
already saw a cute lil one in the garage but not typical mouse, different tail… i know mice

no i could scream in frustration
i could grab the damn rodent (if found) and swing the fucker by its tail and bash it into the wall, brain first
so fucking fed up with trying so hard to just have the simple things in life and every blessing is just another time bomb waiting to blow

sorry… needed to vent

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