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    March 2015
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sadness, humor and dead smurfs

normally i try to participate in the Sinful Sunday meme run by Molly of Molly’s daily kiss

but this weekend has a challenge to the fun

a twist that i simply could not put to image

i had words galore of what i could say for the 5 senses

ideas that i could put to image if allowed a room full of models

or friends haha

but i have been too ill the last few days

and later this afternoon i was in a fit of rage

dealing with a teenager is never easy

often times he is my mirror and we both sound petty and selfish

trying to clean the house while angry

not easy

my other two boys are staying this week

the second half of vacation

so i try so damn hard to make this place easy for them

hard when i still need so many things

a couch, storage units of all sizes, proper curtains

i did buy material to block the cold but i dont have the right machine to sew the ends to hang them

everywhere i look there is some “thing” that reminds me how much i feel like i am failing

not easy to stay positive when you keep feeling attacked from every tiny thing

so by the time the boys were all here

i wanted a vacation

i was depressed, angry, tired

i took a quick break while the machine did the dishes it was supposed to do last night

when done i still had energy to burn

a need to “kill” something

smash bash and crash things

so i beat the crap out of some eggs haha

made more pancakes

i yelled up the stairs to the boys saying


turns out smurf blood is blue but as it oxidizes it turns green

ok maybe not but that is the story i am sticking to as to why my blue dye turned the pancakes green

was either that or i tell the boys i saved a sample of hulk sperm

hahah which i could have done easily with the water i removed from the rice

i added too much (as usual) and i have a habit of draining it out while still hot and using it later for other cooking

as it cools it solidifies into this discussing jelly like mess

i might just need to try coloring that haha

yeah brain is a bit tired

i would like to say i need a vacation but it isnt that

i need strength

i need courage

i need a brain

i have far too much heart but more is good

humor helps

anyway here is the last of the smurf blood

IMG_1487 a

10 Responses

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how many days I can relate to this, except the specifics of the smurfs blood and such – which made a great title

    • stick with me kid… you will be far more creative in your venting and killing of cartoons… it starts with smurfs..but where does the madness end!!!!!! 😉

    • hahah so very true… i will have to make this happen another day (need more coloring) and make up some frosting or rice water goo … could make for some seriously disturbing images hahahaa

      • If you mix food coloring into marzipan, you can shape it into a Smurf and then bite the head off of it and eat it. Brings out your inner Godzilla.


      • no… bringing out my inner godzilla would be to build snow forts and smash them to bits and breath fire all over them!!

        ok yes i know the real godzilla never breathed fire though american cartoons adapted the radio/vapor “beams” to look more like fire

        but yeah… my mom and i built a snowgodzila once… it was about 7′ tall
        she did more of the work if i remember right lol

  2. Yes, I’m sure yo do.

  3. You’ve got a heart and that’s a good thing

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