day 23 #FebPhotoFest2015

crap night

bitching at everyone

i over stressed my body this weekend

enjoying life and people

spent too much energy

i tend to build up and erupt like a volcano

tired of stressing

i just want to be me

feeling lonely

wanting to go home

but home is a concept not a place

when i was young i left the midwest to go to the east coast

i would have moments of homesickness

crying because i wanted to go home

and now i am in france

crying because i want to go home

but i dont want to go back

not back to the past

not back to where i am from

i want to go “home”

where the heart is

where the warmth is

easiest way i can explain it is with song

one i often heard on the radio when i was little

“Our House”- Crosby Stills and Nash

it gives me a case of “the feels”

haha.. yeah… brain is melting from being out of control

society sucks

the way we have become sucks

the fact that we are selfish in our lives and forget the rest of the people around us


it takes a community to raise a child and we dont

which sucks

and i am out of beer… which half sucks cause i have more in the cold

and having to check on google to see if he is drying well

yeah that sucks less cause he didnt claw my face off when i gave him a shower


beer and pancakes

less self pitty, more self love

speaking of love

what started the treasure hunt idea was “x marks the spot”

well x turned out to look more like butterfly kisses

IMG_1379 a

TinMan was brave enough to let me apply my lipstick to his sensual mouth

only using a sort of “x” mark

but things have a way of smearing and changing

i like the idea of butterfly kisses

ok going back to bed



i think i will masturbate

good night


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