day 17 #FebPhotoFest2015

why am i not waking up next to you

why are you away from me

SHALLA - WIN_20150217_154525

i want to be the first you see when your eyes open from sleep

i want to be the one to hold you close at the end of the day

SHALLA - WIN_20150217_132507

to be the one that makes love to you

with words

with touches

with passion

why are you not in my bed


12 Responses

  1. Beautiful!

  2. So pretty

    • mmmmm i love when you comment on my pictures *purrs*

  3. This is a lovely pose and an even more sensuous photo!

    • i dont like waking up alone

      i love my time alone but i love having people in my bed.. lovers yes but friends and my kids too

      i am a cuddle bug, i dont have a couch lol but i have a king sized bed

      • I hate empty beds. I too enjoy the closeness of cuddles. My kids are very much like me in this regard. I have a few couches, btw. ;’)

      • my ex has the furniture, i have the stuff lol

        saw a few nice (used) high back leather couches for dirt cheap… but i need to move again before i get more big stuff

  4. I have to comment, amazing breasts – i know, im an expert 😉

    • i enjoyed the “small but perfect” sized ones as well!

      i love when someone sleeps on my breasts
      but i find i enjoy smaller ones for playing with

      • For me, all sizes can be fantastic … I just LOVE boobs … and nipples … and … I must stop!

      • haha you are a kindred spirit

      • 😉

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