day 16 #FebPhotoFest

news of the day

multiple gents viewing my profile on Seeking Arrangements but as they are rich…

the majority of them don’t feel they need to spend something called

common courtesy

if someone looks at my profile

i send a polite thank you

but as i am not stick skinny or young and foolish

bah..not interested in me

their loss

IMG_8943 a

drop the kids off at the ex’s (still legally my house)

as i was leaving

i saw 5 wild boar in the neighbors field


found out the store doesn’t have my kindle

meaning some kind person who found my kindle didn’t turn it in to lost and found

i forgot it at the laundry mat on friday

on the good side they have clear footage of who took it

so off to the cops tomorrow


still looking for a place to live

current one has mold/moisture issues

had to throw out some of my food this weekend when i found out it was wet

you cant make pancakes with molded flour

well you probly can but eww!


still struggling to gain control over my life

thus why a sugar daddy would be nice

one day i would love to pamper myself with a mani/pedi treatment

not that i want one

just the idea of having that stupid kind of luxury

my main goals being to get in shape

get a better place to live

improve my french

find a job

what i need from a sugar daddy is a bit of breathing room

to have life be less stressful

but i guess my great personality and nice tits just don’t excite enough


so thats my day

now for some boobs

IMG_9010 a

hope your day went well

see you tomorrow


2 Responses

  1. I love your blog. So genuine & real . So classy & confident. Amazing. Can we Chat at any social media or any app ?

    • shalla radiolady on facebook, remember to remind me who you are

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