no cake for me on 200th #SinfulSunday #FebPhotoFest2015

i has sickness…

it sucketh big time

read here if you want to know the sordid details AND how i am curing myself supper fast

instead of suffering for weeks or months

yay me.. cough cough hack cough

…… so…

it is day 8 of my FebPhotoFest2015 challenge


it is also Sinful Sunday!  the 200th sunday!

Sinful Sunday

sadly i am not having cake

or any other type of personal celebration to mark the event

i am sick

there is nothing sexy about being sick

but i tried

just for you lot of sinners

IMG_1046 a

be kind to those of us participating in the #SinfulSunday meme

see what others are doing…. “like” and post comments

it is all about the image

but the comments are great too

31 Responses

  1. You are the sexiest sick person I’ve ever seen! (Hopefully you’re feeling better by now).

    • getting better but now my 17yr old is sick lol

      cant win some times 😉 but thank you

  2. How do you manage to look that good when your sick lol

    • i totally fake it
      choose angles
      take a ton of pics to get what i am looking for
      avoid showing bits that show i am sick… haha like my face!

  3. Very cute!

  4. So sorry you are sick! Very nice image though. 😉

    • getting better… no grog but a strong cocktail made me sober (fever went down lol)

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