day 6 #FebPhotoFest2015

wow! made it six days! can you believe

even better it is 9:31pm as i type this

feeling exhasuted

been a very stressful week with pains in the head…yay unstable weather

pains in the ass…yay computer deciding to stop having sound in anyway shape or form and then suddenly having sound when i go see a friend… gerrr! he didn’t even look at it, the thing just lit up with sound! i think my laptop missed him lol

fighting with my 17yr old… that is a given with a teen haha

someone said to me that the weekend is here… to me it is just another day

but tonight i am taking a new man into my bed

figuratively speaking of course

you can find him on twitter as @authorsahunt

good looking veteran with a mind that excites me even when his first book was more gun slinging that the erotica i should be reading

finding myself addicted to his humor outside of his written world

i got the next book and will pick it apart to learn who this guy is

i am sapiosexual

words mean more to me than porn

except rugby… i make an exception there!

IMG_0995 a

comfy with my favorite blanket

my kindle

i will make an effort to start adding my book collection of gifts and ones i have bought

so much smut to enjoy and a ton more scifi that i need to talk about

but tonight



hope you are having a good night


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