day 4 #FebPhotoFest2015

so i have made it to day 4
i find this a bit amazing
though i keep waiting till nearly midnight to post this

ah the joys of a complicated day
remember how i said yesterday that there was no snow
yeah, right after it started snowing enough to drive Google, my cat, crazy with energy

he was bouncing and playing and pawing at the air
silly cat and his first winter
i froze a bit standing outside and taking videos of him

so the only way to keep warm the rest of the night
was to snuggle up with a sexy man
waking up before the sun and having him between my legs
as you can …kind of….see here

IMG_0891 a

help keep me posting
feel free to be my muse and inspire me for my next image


you have all month to be my muse but dont wait and see who else is joining the fun of FebPhotoFest2015

4 Responses

  1. What a clever tease of a photo. Giving “just enough” mmmm needing more. What a lovely month ahead to look forward to !! Thankyou girl !!!

    • haha i love to tease but enjoy when it is positive and artistic

      i am far too loving to be the big bad Domme or too innocent (in my own way :p ) to be the slut

      glad you are enjoying

  2. Oh my goodness 😉

    • amazingly, i became more aroused as he watched me taking pictures of him

      can you believe i have a lovely gent in sweden who is too shy to meet me and enjoy me… ahh men are such silly creatures

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