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      January 2015
      M T W T F S S
      « Dec   Feb »

    what is love #SinfulSunday #SundayResolution

    as with all my sundays it is time to be sinful and take a picture for the meme
    click on the lips to see who else is participating
    remember to comment and join our fun

    Sinful Sunday

    since the start of the year, sunday is also about posting my resolutions
    this time it is about love

    what is love
    to me
    to you
    to him
    to her
    to us
    to them
    what is love

    IMG_0509 a1

    how much love
    how to measure it
    what is love

    22 Responses

    1. Such a gorgeously haunting photo.

      • awww thank you hun

    2. What a haunting, ethereal photograph. And it’s so deliciously soft, too. Jane xxx

      • aww thank you
        i always try to give a part of myself in my pictures

        i can relate to the fears of those who dont know.. that the camera could capture the soul…

        i try to make that happen in a way… to show parts of who i am and what people often miss if they arent looking or arent allowed to see

    3. Oh, this is so pretty and wistful. Really, really beautiful.

      • thank you
        been in a mood lately lol

    4. Gorgeous use of light and color. The angle makes me think of contemplation.

      • believe me, you are thinking of contemplation for a reason…. my life is always complicated even when i try for simple

    5. It is the topic of so many wonderful works of poetry, art, and literature šŸ™‚
      Lovely pic to go with it!

      ~Kazi xxx

      • hoping for more words to flow back into my life.. a 3 day migraine with mostly sleeping and reading helped a bit but now i want that but withOUT the pain lol

    6. Ohhh so pretty. love the editing that you’ve done to your photo. I have no idea what love is. I often find myself doubting and other days head of heels.

      • i have soooooo many ideas about love

        the problem is that i love too many different ways but limit the types of love i allow others to give me

        my life is often like the song “can’t have what you want, love the one you’re with”

    7. Such a lovely picture actually. Moody and reflective, but sensual as well. I love the red of your hair.
      Xxx – K

      • mmmm thank you!
        trying hard to improve my health and bring the red back naturally

    8. Love is such a beautiful thing once you get to know true love, like I thankfully have šŸ™‚

      Rebel xox

      • i want that true love magic

        i know what it feels like but i keep running around in circles trying to grasp it

        like the air is evading me

        • I hope one day you will find it, luv xox

        • found it, not sure i am allowed to have it any time soon or in this life time

    9. What is love? I don’t know really, to me it’s many things. It’s pain, it’s torment, it’s missing someone so much you can barely breathe, it’s overwhelming, it’s akin to madness, it’s something I never thought I’d find in it’s purest form, but I have.

      Your image is stunning xx

      • i like the way you think

    10. I never believed in love until I met M, I thought it was something made up in movies and books


      • i have seen your love
        the two of you wear it well and it is visible to all around you, though some might not understand what they are seeing

        i want that magic
        knowing it is there and not having it …i feel empty far too often

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