back in october… #scavengerhunt

back in october i went on a sort of date

as you know i really dont want to “date” or have a relationship

just too much going on in my life and needing to be me, find me and recreate me

but at the time i spent that evening in town testing the new taco joint….god i misss reallllly tacos and burritos and…. *cries*

anway the new place was nice

here is food porn (i got strange looks taking this picture haha)


i really wish they had dos xx beer!

anyway i was parked underground.. that meant two things…

IMG_9143 IMG_9145

not getting caught taking pics in the stairwell… new location for me

IMG_9147 a IMG_9148 a

and not getting caught in the parking lot of the garage

all in all it was a great night out with @gentelclown

lots of laughs and goofing off

and if you don’t know the concept of #scavengerhunt … a friend of mine @CurvaceousDee runs a blog that encourages us to share our body via images…in locations that run the risk of getting caught 😉

there is a list of locations already done and ones yet to do and if you can think of others ..well she might just add them 😀

you can find more information and more of us posting our entries on her blog

but please be respectful!

14 Responses

  1. These are great photos, Shalla! I have finally updated the Scavenger Hunt, so these are now included under ‘stairs’ and ‘carpark’. 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Nice boobie flashing. I think I would have more scavenger hunts under my belt if I had a pair of those. People like titts. Pulling out your cock at the bus stop doesn’t always get the same reception.

    That’s cool that you and gentle clown went out. Is that your hand in his sinful Sunday juggling pic?

    • haha no not my hand, though i was supposed to be there too

      • That would have been a Sex blogging cross over event. Why didn’t this great photo op happen?

      • cause he only just started blogging (yaya my fault) and cause i was having issues with finding things that day

        been feeling really antisocial but desperately wanting to be social

      • Being in a foreign country probably doesn’t help with that. How well do you speak French?

      • pretty well but not the technical side

      • So it’s not a language thing then. I think the old AA slogan fake it ’till you make it might be good advice. If you force yourself to be social it found much start your.. What’s the opposite of anti social… Your social nature. But what do I know. I use mess to kill my anxiety

      • i am an oxymoron
        i like saying that i am an introverted extrovert

        part of why i dont go out is everything worth doing is 30min away, plus parking, plus things close early and cinema is a waste of time usually cause it is dubbed in french

        it is extremely hard for me to find people that only want to be friends, too many judge and i really am very different than those around me

        great as a party favor to bring out and keep people happy then put away after

        i dont fit in easily for one reason or another

        it just becomes too much effort for what i end up having as a very small amount of pleasure

      • Great as a party favor? That’s how I used to think of myself back in my martyr days. I’m much too selfish now to think of myself like that unless it’s more like Great as a party favor!!

      • i have never really been selfish

  3. Looking good enough to eat for sure. Burrito too. 🙂

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