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needing advice on how to help my sick dad

looks like i will need to start a gofundme account for my dad
he is getting worse each month

still suffering graft vs host and he has been cancer free for 13 years
but it weakened him and the heart attack, double pneumonia, stroke and constant infection in 2014 is killing him

he needs to move out of the apartment he lives in (upper level, too many stairs) and get help with cooking, shopping, laundry/cleaning and he needs someone to make that damn infection go away

he gets meals on wheels but their food makes him ill, too spicy for his system…
he is hyper sensitive to everything right now and if he isnt eating then his body is only going to shut down all the more quickly

he is only 63
the guy used to do construction and haul big ass pool tables around like nothing… now he is on oxygen and barely functioning

being so far away is driving me crazy
i cant rely on his family to help
the not knowing and the lack of people to contact… it is driving me to panic attacks

i know people have wanted to help set up a gofundme account for myself and my kids… very sweet but complicated due to living in another country and going through the process of divorce

i don’t want someone to do this for me
i want advice on how to best use gofundme, from friends who have used it
advice on what i need to be looking for to spend the money on.. as in assisted living needs
i have a number of friends who are nurses, doctors or care workers…

i need your brain right now
help me think
help me plan
i know a lot of my friends are struggling with their own lives
ideas and experience sharing can sometimes be just as helpful as cash

Romance and Magic #SinfulSunday #SundayResolution

as with all the #SinfulSundays i take part in…. it is all about the image

though if you follow twitter, don’t be confused with others using the same hashtag… ours is a more special lot of fun people exploring who we are and what makes us tick, usually in some erotic form 😉

click on the lips and join the fun

Sinful Sunday


today i started my thing called “sunday resolution”
i have posted 2 others (health and being happy) and am combining a 3rd with sinful sunday … romance and magic!

the last 13yrs have been empty for me (with the exception of some amazing people who walked into my life)

one of the things i found lacking was romance…
so fuck it! if i cant have that with others, i will give myself the romance i long for… candles, wine and relaxation

IMG_0370 a

i love a nice dessert wine… golden in color and sweet on the tongue

but what is romance without magic!

IMG_0385 a

bringing back what i had left behind or hide away
funny enough i shuffled the cards and picked at random… the magician
when placing the cards another came out… 7 of pentacles
i love the art of Stephanie Pui Mun Law
her interpretations always seem so much closer to who i am than the others i know or images i have seen

this is my new year…
a new me
resolutions i can keep
ones i will share


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