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    January 2015
    M T W T F S S

getting out and about #SinfulSunday #ScavengerHunt #SundayResolution

as with all the sundays… time to be sinful and enjoy life!

capturing it with images

best way to do that is to follow molly and the rest of us by clicking on the lips
Sinful Sunday

being a good girl is hard but i try!

keeping up with my personal resolution to devote the majority of my sundays to explaining my resolutions and participating more with molly’s meme “sinful sunday” and other upcoming memes

today is about “getting out and about”

i have been in france for 6 and a half years

most of that time locked away in the middle of nowhere with no car, friends or family (outside of my soon to be ex husband and my children)… being that i love photography, one would think that being in the middle of the country side as a wonderful thing…

it can be but not when you have cops called on you by passers (driving) by… lovely experience when all you want to do is capture the morning dew on the plants and spider webs

or being chased after by the “neighbors” dogs

not to forget the pack of wild boar or the hunters that chase them…. through your yard

so getting out and about has become something extremely important to my gaining Independence

being a REAL person

today i am with new friends and old friends

taking a tour through the loire valley

stopping off and posing for pictures above a movie theater

more cinemas should have a lovely garden on their roof!

IMG_0724 a

hope your sundays can be fun and an adventure towards your own independence or personal growth

what is love #SinfulSunday #SundayResolution

as with all my sundays it is time to be sinful and take a picture for the meme
click on the lips to see who else is participating
remember to comment and join our fun

Sinful Sunday

since the start of the year, sunday is also about posting my resolutions
this time it is about love

what is love
to me
to you
to him
to her
to us
to them
what is love

IMG_0509 a1

how much love
how to measure it
what is love

another splash of color

recently a few bloggers have taken a linking to the pictures i post and asked to add them to their sites or events

depending on which blogger

the latest being beck from beck and her kinks with her post


well, i decided to take a look at some of the other images i had made for the #sinfulsunday meme which was running the theme “splash of color”

i never take one picture and post

often there are 10…20… even up to 100 that never get used

this is one i decided to revamp and drain the color from

haha while boosting color around the rose and the vase

IMG_0048 a1

hope you enjoy the colors

more from “bound to happen”

as with most of my pics.. it is never one image and perfection

there are always ones that never get used

so i am posting one of the fun moments

that happened with TinMan from my sinful sunday blog

“Bound to Happen” 

IMG_0292 a

hope i help inspire you to be sensual and erotic with those you love and cherish


and it also seems that january 12th 2015 was international kiss a ginger/redhead day

well for those that piss me off… here’s my ass so kiss it


to the rest of you lovelies, spank me good and kiss it better

back in october… #scavengerhunt

back in october i went on a sort of date

as you know i really dont want to “date” or have a relationship

just too much going on in my life and needing to be me, find me and recreate me

but at the time i spent that evening in town testing the new taco joint….god i misss reallllly tacos and burritos and…. *cries*

anway the new place was nice

here is food porn (i got strange looks taking this picture haha)


i really wish they had dos xx beer!

anyway i was parked underground.. that meant two things…

IMG_9143 IMG_9145

not getting caught taking pics in the stairwell… new location for me

IMG_9147 a IMG_9148 a

and not getting caught in the parking lot of the garage

all in all it was a great night out with @gentelclown

lots of laughs and goofing off

and if you don’t know the concept of #scavengerhunt … a friend of mine @CurvaceousDee runs a blog that encourages us to share our body via images…in locations that run the risk of getting caught 😉

there is a list of locations already done and ones yet to do and if you can think of others ..well she might just add them 😀

you can find more information and more of us posting our entries on her blog http://curvaceousdee.com/scavenger-hunt/

but please be respectful!


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