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      December 2014
      M T W T F S S
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    Bound to Happen #SinfulSunday

    as with all my sundays (posted or not) it is time to give a look at molly and the others participating in Sinful Sunday

    the time when it is all about the image

    click on the lips and see who else is enjoying sunday.. and leave comments!

    Sinful Sunday

    this holiday time has been very dark and painful

    but new years is just around the corner.. twice if you count chinese new year (and i do)

    fun is coming back into my life

    along with it


    IMG_0297 a

    a nice weekend

    relaxing in pleasure

    IMG_0259 a

    i hope this sort of thing keeps getting better in 2015

    see you next year πŸ˜‰


    30 Responses

    1. […] “Bound to Happen”Β  […]

    2. I hope to see more rope in 2015 as well! Great perspective shot πŸ™‚

      ~Kazi xxx

      • mmmm yeah have to buy more πŸ˜‰

    3. I love the second one, stretching my view up your body. You look so relaxed and at peace, while being very sexy

      • i dont relax easily… it is something i am learning

    4. Both lovely photos – but the second particularly draws me in.

      Welcome to 2015, just about πŸ™‚

      xx Dee

      • had fun taking the pics
        feels good to be more kinky but still too hard to find in france

        i need to import people for classes!!! hahaha

    5. Beautiful! I love the shot along the length of your body from your feet. Incredibly gorgeous!

      • i love those kind of perspective shots
        more so since i know a lot of guys like toes haha

    6. What a beautiful shot of a gorgeous body!

      • aww thank you sweetling

        • Thank you for sharing!

        • trying to do it more often
          i want to add better audio files too but cant find a good free site to host

        • We (Savannah and I) have been doing some sporadic sharing.

          Audio files? That sounds fun.
          The same hosting challenge applies for video files.

        • i know i can “sell” on adultworks, i have an account there and i have free audio files on audioboom but they limit how long the file can be

          people really like my voice and i love reading my blogs…also need to redo my blog, needs to be more user friendly!

          some days it sucks not being a geek lol

        • Some will also limit the data transfer (downloads). Oh, the dilemma!

        • i want to try soundcloud but worry about restrictions and in theory i could host my own site but i dont have the cash

        • That makes things difficult. Hosting poses a myriad of challenges.

        • yes…. like knowing what you are doing
          and i don’t

          put me in the kitchen…no worries
          tie me up and spank me…awesome
          IT work…. *twitch* nah iz ok

        • Haha! You’re delicious!

        • i am a silly lady that is spending far too long in the middle of nowhere πŸ˜‰

          i need an escape and fun and friends to drag with me

        • Silly? Middle of nowhere?

          I would say that we are available, but suspect that distance is the limiting factor.

        • yeah.. i am in france… gentelclown is near and i love that i have inspired him to join the blogging fun.. but i need a community!

          i need to get money and spend more time in london!

        • We are a bit further away from France, than London.

        • yes, all the other set of good ones usually are lol

          i need to get back state side too and one day australia and… fuck i need the winning loto lol

        • Sorry, my dear. “Good ones?” πŸ˜‰

        • yeah, fun people worth being local

        • I agree. We are tucked away in our remote corner of the globe.

    7. Simply lovely

      Katie xx

      • thank you hun
        can’t wait to scroll through all the other posts, i wanna know what everyone was doing sunday haha

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