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    December 2014
    M T W T F S S

side note: you do know i’m bi right?

when i say i am accepting applications for a muse
to inspire lust and passions… humor and fun…

there are no restrictions
women are welcome as well

Now accepting for the position of “Muse”

will you wont you….. will you join my dance

life has been shit the last…forever… and though i have many good memories and events
the darkness far outweighs the light from all the angles i have been dealing with

so time to change my view


would you like to be one of or my one and only…muse
inspire me to write
inspire me to be happy
give me attention and enjoy what madness i create

would you like to be my muse

can you bring me inspiration that stops the day to day thoughts
can you make my heart beat fast and my mind melt with desire
can you make love to my mind without touching my skin

i need a muse or two or more
it seems my viking is less interested than i hoped for the position
which is sad because he arouses such intense pleasure
and the others who have been my muse in the past… are in the past

will you be my muse?

Birthday morning!!

mmm male bits! this man needs more attention for his blog!



Sinful Sunday

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The Best Thing – #SinfulSunday

#SinfulSunday is all about the image but here is a good example of WHY we post, beautiful/powerful words

Charlie In The Pool

It is the final #SinfulSunday of 2014.
And I know sinfulsunday is meant to be all about the picture but for once this week the words, for me, are just as important.

A couple of months ago a conversation between a couple of people I follow on twitter and one I don’t, appeared on my twitter timeline. Basically the conversation was about how disgusting and unclassy #sinfulsunday is and that the people who take part only do it to seek validation from strangers or “perverts” as they were called. I’m pretty sure one of them said that posting a black and white picture of your nipple online does not scream class in the slightest, hence my image this week.
These women said they would rather be judged on their personality than a picture of their body, which I kind of understand, but I don’t think they get that everyone’s personalities…

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Bound to Happen #SinfulSunday

as with all my sundays (posted or not) it is time to give a look at molly and the others participating in Sinful Sunday

the time when it is all about the image

click on the lips and see who else is enjoying sunday.. and leave comments!

Sinful Sunday

this holiday time has been very dark and painful

but new years is just around the corner.. twice if you count chinese new year (and i do)

fun is coming back into my life

along with it


IMG_0297 a

a nice weekend

relaxing in pleasure

IMG_0259 a

i hope this sort of thing keeps getting better in 2015

see you next year 😉



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