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enjoying my whiskey #SinfulSunday

as always, sinful sunday is about the image
be ever so sweet and see who else is enjoying sunday in their own sinful ways
click on the lips and grace us with your comments

Sinful Sunday

sunday again and amazed where the time went
a week of stress and tears
spending my weekend relaxing
enjoying some sweet whiskey
IMG_0217 a1
had fun altering this pic
and here is one showing the changes to my hair after the home oil treatment
IMG_0129 a1
hope you are enjoying the last bits of sunday

29 Responses

  1. I just love the magical, Alice-in-wonderland quality of this photo. Gorgeous!

    • if you dont have enough magic in your life, ya gatta get up and make your own…
      damn, i should plot for this sunday

  2. Great shimmer effect! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday to the fullest 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • been having fun playing with the different apps 😀

  3. These are beautiful!! I love your long hair. It’s sexy.

    xxx Miss July xxx

    • aww thank you

  4. You know exactly how to enjoy, that’s clear 😉

    Rebel xox

    • know yes…. but i need more people to enjoy with 😉

  5. Love the image of you with the Whiskey, it looks so ‘warm’ and inviting


    • was getting pretty warm!
      had to jump around a lot to see what i was doing with the camera lol

  6. Wow! Perfect pose and a lovely pic!

    • haha took my ages to get those two pics!
      selfies are not easy

      thank you

      • Well, they are absolutely delightful. Thank you for sharing!

      • this meme is pretty much all that is keeping me in the game… feeling far too innocent with all these vanilla people around me

        haha though i am trying to corrupt more of them 😀

      • You know that there are some pretty damn good tasting renditions of vanilla, don’t you?

        I am more of a Sriracha guy, myself. 😉

      • sadly dealing with french vanilla but gentleclown is one of my converts 😀

        i want more! i need minions!

        a Dom would be nice too lol

      • What did you have in mind?

      • passion, compassion …balance

      • There is absolutely nothing wrong with those!! There is lots of fun to be had when loving with all of that in mind.

      • easily said, hard to find..i also would like some natural skills tempered with a bit of experience
        but no arrogance

      • It may seem to be a tall order, but that is not anywhere near the realm of impossibility.

      • i stopped looking
        already have too many local men and far off ones (women too) who simply want to date me
        or fuck me

        too many people to look through to find my needle

      • I hear you.

        When you stop looking, that’s when you discover that person.

      • would be nice but i am realistic
        the glass

      • Realistic? Not to argue, but your glass is half full.

      • lol nope
        i am the glass

      • Awesome! So, we just need to make sure that you are never empty. Half full or full is best!

  7. I’m more a brandy than whiskey girl myself 🙂 I love these images, I just want to stroke your hair, it’s gorgeous! x

    • i am a sucker for being petted
      one day i want a fox tail plug
      one that is undyed and close to my hair color

      i only started drinking whiskey in 2012
      before that i would get ill drinking it, no mater what brand they all tasted like vomit

      i spent a month with my mom back state side and changed my diet drastically, was able to start eating a lot of things i couldnt before

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