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Dear #France what the FUCK? #ShinyBacon

just when i think life cant get any more…weird…


and honestly, try getting someone with an accent to say the word “weird”… hahah too damn funny


but really .. What The Fuck france? “Shiny Bacon” ???!!



i was driving from the center of town, heading from one place to another, down the hill and round the bend… and that is when i saw it!

i was just passing a bus stop

the normal kind with Plexiglas windows to protect from the elements…

advertisement here, there and all about..


that is when i see it




seriously? really? you have GOT to be kidding me!

SHINY bacon?

am i lead to believe that a pig was molested by one of the shiny vampires…

twilight! can you not leave good enough alone!

do you fucking have to go 50 shades of grey on miss piggy!



i mean really WHAT the FUCK!!!



to see what i mean…


honestly.. how friggan weird!

Blast from the past, wine and bath time

so i am drinking again
honestly it doenst happen often
a beer here
a beer there
a glass of wine or a cocktail
ok last time in public it was a double rum mojito times 2 but that was an odd occurrence
i talk about drink or i TALK about sex
talk is easy and cheap
memories are limitless and potential is… well it is even more…
tonight i have wine
the last time i had wine and thought to blog about it.. honestly post something for the sake of posting…
well that was AGES ago
so i thought…
it isnt thursday but why not to a throwback that has yet to be seen
so.. this was me, lonely, hurting, wanting attention
a pain away from slitting my wrists before i hit rock bottom and fought back
no longer a victim
wine is a fickle thing
tasty and numbing but better as an accessory
i will post better, current pics later
ones where wine is my pleasure instead of my escape

IMG_1748 a


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