another one for the #ScavengerHunt ! doing the laundry

i have been forced to use the laundry box due to the fact that france doesnt believe in providing all rental houses/apartments with large item appliances…

IMG_9527 a

so currently i have two refrigerators (one a tiny box from a friend and the other from TinMan) … i will have to return them at some point… epp!

i have no dishwasher and i am going INfuckingSANE trying to keep up with all the hand washing and not having enough counter space to dry everything!

i have no washing machine or dryer… so like i said… laundry box! it is driving me crazy to live like this but i am doing it… i will get by for a bit longer…however long that bit might be… no idea

so… with all the times i have gone and done the wash… i constantly thought… I NEEEEEEEED pics here lol

yes it is a bit of a stupid obsession but i really am enjoying the fact that i am not harming anyone when i show off for the camera and i am trying to avoid scaring the kids or old men who might keel over from shock lol

always a risk of being seen but i try for less…

but it is fun being a bit of an inspiration for some of the people i know, showing off who i am when they are still too shy about their own body… for whichever reason.. be it too big or too small, too wide or too thin..

so..; here i am 😉

IMG_9524 a

20 Responses

  1. Nice. Boobs are custom made for these challenges. I doubt any fellow laundry customers would have a lot to complain about if they glanced over to see that. It’s hard to get offended by breasts. Hell, I’m gay and even i like them.

    • haha still a few prudes out there!

      i love gay men, so much fun to go out and be silly! cuddles too

      • The thing i like about gay men is the sex. Even when it’s nothing great at least it’s free and almost effortless to get.( Straight guys have to work for whatever they get.) That leaves plenty of time to laugh and get silly with the ladies

      • gay men tend to be more playful, at least with me and that helps me the fun of trying to compete and see who will bring home the male 😉

  2. Your thinking sexy thoughts while next to the washing machine? A washing machine with, no doubt, a vigorous spin cycle. Sorry, I’ll stop …

    • lmao a box with windows facing a giant parking lot

      • I’ll take that as a “No”.

      • i use that time to think and write or play angry birds

      • Angry Birds? When the internet’s full of porn? What a waste!

      • porn does nothing for me

        i read people on a daily basis and i am a very good amateur photographer… i see the falseness in the porn and it depresses me

      • I know what you mean about the flaseness. But I think there is good porn out there. Two of my favorites porn-sub-genres are vintage (back to the early days of photography) and amateur, which I think are both better than most. They also have a broader range of body shapes – not just pneumatic Barbie dolls and GI Joes.

      • very true, but for me…. porn doesnt reach me

        i need to touch and taste and experience

        i CAN masturbate but usually i end up MORE frustrated than if i just went without playing

      • Perversely, though I sometimes wonder if I could be regarded as clinicalky addicted to the release, I think I possibly empathise.

      • for me it is the fact that i went most of my marriage (12yrs) being neglected and bf’s or fiances before that neglecting me too

        i know i CAN make myself cum/orgasm with masturbation but it is empty

        what i want is the foreplay, the affection….

        as it is, with my health issues i have lost a lot of feeling in my nerves, so it takes longer to make me orgasm usually i dont

      • That’s a shame.

      • worst was when i took one type of medication and i lost feeling in my clit for almost 3 months

      • If I’ve ever heard a good reason to sue a pharmaceutical giant, that’s gotta be it.

      • sadly it doesnt work that way in france *eye roll*

  3. That was a lot of fun!! My camera is in my bag every time we meet now !!!

    • haha too cute 😉

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