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mirrors in the shower

when i rented this house, i liked the fact that the bathroom seemed designed for me to post on my blog

though i would have preferred a tub so that i could learn to pamper myself …as that is something i still have yet to do and i need training, as well as more lovelies to help pamper me or pay for me to get pampered

i am still a work in progress when it comes to accepting gifts or being greedy… i know my value but all the years of abuse from multiple people.. makes it hard for me to honestly ask or beg or demand lol…. but i am trying and this isnt a whine/pitty me moment, just explaining who i am and my mindset


the shower is nice, though i havent used the jets and i dont know that i will… not really my thing

i would rather be in a pool or pond of water than under a waterfall *grin*

but i do like the mirrors and i thought to myself

what do i look like when i take a shower

i know there are sites where i can upload video like that and have it generate money

so i thought… ok, why not test how i move in the shower

just being me

haha and no i will not be posting that video here :p sorry hahha

but i do have the sample pics i took so that i could find the right area to set up the camera for filming

and i will share one of those

IMG_9490 a

another one for the #ScavengerHunt ! doing the laundry

i have been forced to use the laundry box due to the fact that france doesnt believe in providing all rental houses/apartments with large item appliances…

IMG_9527 a

so currently i have two refrigerators (one a tiny box from a friend and the other from TinMan) … i will have to return them at some point… epp!

i have no dishwasher and i am going INfuckingSANE trying to keep up with all the hand washing and not having enough counter space to dry everything!

i have no washing machine or dryer… so like i said… laundry box! it is driving me crazy to live like this but i am doing it… i will get by for a bit longer…however long that bit might be… no idea

so… with all the times i have gone and done the wash… i constantly thought… I NEEEEEEEED pics here lol

yes it is a bit of a stupid obsession but i really am enjoying the fact that i am not harming anyone when i show off for the camera and i am trying to avoid scaring the kids or old men who might keel over from shock lol

always a risk of being seen but i try for less…

but it is fun being a bit of an inspiration for some of the people i know, showing off who i am when they are still too shy about their own body… for whichever reason.. be it too big or too small, too wide or too thin..

so..; here i am 😉

IMG_9524 a


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