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google the kitten

by request.. more pictures of my nut case kitten Google Starfire Kitten Kaboodle


he loves to attack my hands…


outside looking in… that window ledge is ground floor but there are days when he sits on the upper ledge and freaks everyone by the way he looks out at those who pass…or the flock of weird mixed birds in the neighbors garden


give a cat a box and he will sleep in it

books…. of the erotic sort with @Mollysdailykiss and @TheCaraSutra

i have been a baddd bad shalla monster

i adore molly and cara, they are bright women..strong in many different ways and i really look up to them

molly inspired me to start writing again and pestered me to start this blog

cara has been a snarky inspiration and a reminder that you can be a mom, be in the public eye and still deal with the sex/erotic world while being viewed in a positive light

so the reason i say i have been a bad shalla monster is that molly hosted an event on sinful sunday, i won some lovely gifts and i have enjoyed them but with all the madness in my life..i never properly posted about them

with cara it is the fact that she sent me a paperback book of erotic fairy tales..i have been reading them and i do have a review but i am not finished writing… again so much going on in my life

though i rarely feel guilt, i feel it with these two ladies

so i hope to finish the erotic fairy tales, finish my review and post a blog on the book as well as the items i received from molly

i have read other erotic tales and i was thinking of post reviews for those as well but life has been so busy and depressing and… it isnt easy starting over

so i altered this site a bit, will finish revamping it to be more user friendly and then start posting more reviews

i need a weekend get away

my life has been seriously stressful for the last..umm… since birth really

but the last year has been hell, trying to gain control of my life after walking out on my husband

i am doing pretty good considering the world seems against me, i am living in a different country and dont know the language  100%

but i am stressed and lonely for my friends… i miss being me

it has been 2 years since i was last in london and i am a bit desperate to get back, i need to find myself again

my big motivation is to do something nice for me

something small and simple

have a drink with friends and go to the winter wonderland in hyde park

i love the magic and want to feel that again… remember that the holidays can be fun instead of depressing

my birthday was empty

the holidays will be empty as well

i am alone here

i have my kids but that is limited

i have some lovers and people i know

but few real friends

and with the language and cultural difference… i cant be me

i still dont have a job and i am terrified i wont be able to work in france..though i am legal to do so

it is so different here, everything is so much slower

so i am trying and getting results but at the warp speed of a slug

it is depressing and i am fighting that too lol

life is getting better but i need some fun

so i am looking to go to london in december

if anyone is interested in helping me to achieve that can private message me on twitter as spacecheetos

i would put a donation button but i dont want my full name visible to everyone

if you can help… it would be greatly appreciated

last of the summer sun

i hate that the days have all gone dark

the golden hour reduced to a few minutes in the day

replaced by the cold, the wet…the grey

i miss the warmth in the light

so i am posting pictures of my toes

dipping into sun beams

wishing for more sunshine



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