my nudist gives me a birthday pic #SinfulSunday

sinful sunday is all about the image and this week’s post is a bit special for me… the first i have posted after turning 35

there is also the aspect of the competition being held by Exhibit A, for more information follow the link


see who else is being sinful, click the lips and view the other bloggers enjoying life…

Sinful Sunday


my entry to the competition which is to inspire others to write their entries.. is the image given to me by a gentleman i have been online friends with for years… sadly never met in person

he is a very sweet man and a closet nudist

he longs to be seen, to serve nude at private parties and enjoy life in the buff.. sadly he doesnt have many around him to share this side of himself with


the down side to this is that he prefers to cum when told and can go far too long without ejaculating and that bothers me

it is not healthy to go very long and i have been controlling how often he cums and giving a few challenges here and there


because it was my birthday week and i knew he was going to be exhibiting nude for a new friend… i gave him a number of times to cum on my birthday and asked he write “happy birthday” on himself just before he went off nude the next day for the young lady


funny coincidence, her birthday is just after mine 😉



meet my nudist, my online friend of many years and hopefully a new addition to the lovelies i share in my blog





14 Responses

  1. Would I be able to use this pic for exhibit A’s sinful story competition? I probably should have asked before writing it, but if not I can change some details.

  2. That’s a great image and would make a lovely birthday card 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. That is an image that I can look at over and over again hmmmm

  4. This is a fantastic image!

  5. What an awesome idea.

  6. What a handful of a birthday treat!


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